Moonlight Dance

Hey guys, this is for the contest, so PLEASE Prate and comment! Thanks!

Chapter 1


Copper flames crackle and burn
Casting a ring of light
But though they warm my body
It's him that warms inside

His bright blue eyes twinkle
In the dying light
And I think I've never seen
Anything so bright

The moonlight silver glows
And our eyes meet
And when he smiles wide
My heart skips a beat

He leads me outside
Into the cool, dark night
A falling star shines
With a dying light

Our eyes connect again
My heart beats rapidly
When he whispers in my ear
"Will you dance with me?"

I manage a quick nod
As my heart pounds
And he embraces me
And dips me to the ground

We twirl, we dip, we laugh
As the moonlight shines
Enchantment and bliss fill the air
As we make a magical night

Finally he bids me good night
As we end our prance
And as he leaves, my heart still floats
From our moonlight dance

This poem was inspired by the song "Fearless" by Taylor Swift...maybe an odd thing to base a poem off of, but still, the words are so sweet! Especially the part about shining pavement...

Also, I love Edgar Allen Poe. He's an amazing poet. His style is also really inspiring. Here's a link to all about him:

Also, Shel Silverstein, who doesn't love him? Maybe a few people...anyways, here's his link.


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