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Chapter 1



In times of corruption, the leaders of the world in desperation took all the babies born in the year 2120 and placed them in a school that’s in the middle of nowhere in Russia, where each child would grow up to be the best they could be. These babies, who were taken from their families, were test subjects, as scientists and world leaders came together with the same idea and that idea was simply to end the chaotic times of the future. They believed with these babies from the year 2120, they could make the children grow into an unstoppable force of future people, ones that could save the world. Before they were placed inside the school, through ages from birth all the way to 15, the children were tested on, to try and alter their DNA and mutate their genes in order for these selected children to gain a new strength that would make them “perfect”.

But perfection even in the future is impossible, and these experiments took away child’s lives that they may have had because society before them couldn’t handle their lives on their own. After all this testing, the year becomes 2137 and the council of the scientists and world leaders that decided to use the babies to test on now decided to keep them in that school as an academy forever. However since they are becoming who they want to be in the future, they must get sorted into communities within the school first.

How does a teenager who doesn’t know exactly what’s to be expected for them choose or let the test choose where to place them? Can in the end these teenagers even mend the world outside of this school before it shatters? Will fear or power hold them back or move them forward? Can these teenagers meet each other and become friends, are they capable of love? Will everything that these teenagers went through in their past be all for nothing?

This is a futuristic story about teenagers who were made to be close to perfect, fighting their way through the school that they are stuck in, learning the way of life people want them to live and how to use their own powers. They will take classes from history of the world, to special classes dealing with their abilities to classes that will train them for any fights that may rise and even to classes that deal with their fears. Finally, in the end, the 6 main characters (3 girls and 3 guys) get sick of the ways that academy teaches and they decide to fight to get to the outside world in order to see why they were stuck in that academy since birth. Can the six do it? Will they regret that decision? Let’s find out what happens.

There are 6 “communities” in this story that the teenagers will be placed in. They will have to take a test and choose which they would prefer to be a resident in. After all the scores and choices are accounted for, the headmaster, scientists, and world leaders hold a ceremony that will be a giant feast after announcing where the teenagers will go.

The communities and Information about the school

Animosusdem- The community that consists of the brave, they are strong and passionate, loud and proud, daring and bold. This group has a sense of high energy and makes natural born leaders. They believe we only live once and you must take risks in order to survive. In the minds, nothing is impossible for literally the word screams “I’m Possible.” They know what to do in most situations and are willing to do anything it takes to protect. To the outside groups, they seem fearless even if that is not true. They have their fears like everyone else; they just don’t let them get to them as much. In their minds, fear can either hold you back or push you forward and the Animosusdem always choose to let it push you forward. Their colors consist of dark red and silver. The motto that each Animosusdem goes by is “One man with courage is a majority.”

Comisdem-This community consists of the kind. Comisdem is where the friendly and the fair fit in. They are natural listeners who will always put others before themselves. They don’t try to judge by the picture, but instead wish to find the details of the truth before they jump to conclusions. They believe that for everything to work you must believe in others and work as a team if you wish to get the job done. To the outside groups, the Comisdem seem to be a community that never seems to worry about the darkness that could be outside due to their optimistic ways and the method they use to make sure everything has some sort of beauty, but this isn’t the case either, inside this group there is insecurities inside them that the Comisdem just feel aren’t important. Their colors consist of yellow and gray. The motto this community goes by is “You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.”

Rationabilisdem –This community is the community of the intelligent. They are rational thinkers who never step out of their logical comfort. Analyzing and discovering is what is the easiest for them to do. The Rationabilisdem are natural teachers, always gaining new knowledge, excited to give insight to many. Because of their way of thinking, they often are the ones people go to for advice in times of need. They use their minds far more than they use their physique. For them, they believe that the world works through practice and knowing even if they don’t always enjoy what they find. To the outside world, this group may seem like know it alls who only care about facts. There is more to them like a novel though, for even though they are rational and intelligent, they are also good friends to have around. Their colors consist of turquoise and gold. Their motto is “Be as smart as you can, but remember that it is always better to be wise than to be smart”

Singularisdem – This is the group that is wild and carefree, they are the individuals who are unique compared to all else. They are often outsiders inside the school who are bright and colorful, never fading away from who they actually are. They know who they are and they know what they want and nothing is ever going to make them change who they want to be. The Singularisdem is the community that makes natural born jokers and people who can ease tension even in despite of their odd methods and beliefs. To the outside world, they are seen as irreplaceable that kind of acts like the sun. We need them to live, but on the other side of the story, these people sometimes feel alone despite of their lighthearted joking. The colors that consist here are purple and orange. Their motto is “We’re all pretty bizarre. Some of us are just better at hiding it, that’s all.”

Tacitusdem – This is the community of the quiet and shy. They prefer to be alone and often times try to stay away from large celebrations of festivals. They are the natural observers to this world, for they are always watching in the shadows. The Tacitusdem even though they are isolated from the other communities, is the group that always knows what is going on and where. This group values silence above words, for they believe words hurt too much and people should only speak when it’s important to do so. They believe that a picture has a thousand words that do not to need to be explained. To other groups, the Tacitusdem seem mysterious and aloof, and sometimes they are, but when you get to know a person from this community, your perspective just may change. Their colors of the community are black and white. Their motto that they live by is “He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words”

Aptumdem –This is the community of the people who live for change. They always crave for something new. They enjoy being adaptable to any types of situations and are always the ones that can keep their cool under stress. The Aptumdem is a group of people that doesn’t necessarily have a specific role within a large group because if they are given any role, somehow they will find a way to do that role justice. They are the ones who are always there for a friend and know when silence is right or when advice is right. They often step into people’s shoes in order to know how they have to adapt in order to survive. They can blend into the shadows and crowd, or they can stand out and speak out. To outside groups, the Aptumdem seem to be the ones who are always qualified to do justice in each situation, but really, all they want is to be the best they can be by using their wide range of ways to blend harmony. Their motto that the Aptumdem live by is “We have to adapt and overcome, that's all we can do.”

Other information you should know for this group story is:
1.) The school is named “C.H.A.N.G.E ~The Academy of the Future”
2.) C.H.A.N.G.E literally means *Children of High Abilities for a New Generation that Evolved.

Character Information Finally

(The * * are the ones that are optional.)

Nickname: * *
Gender: (remember I need 3 boys and 3 girls for main characters)
Age: (16 or 17, depending on their birthday)
Appearance: (Don’t make it TOO perfect)
Personality: (needs positive and negative traits)
Ability: (1 and must have a drawback of some sort)
Fears: (Multiple)
Love Interest: * *

My Character

Name: Ophelia Mae Scotts
Nickname: Lia
Gender: Female
Age: 17 (Early September birthday)
Appearance: Light brown wavy hair just a few inches past the shoulders, faded blue eyes that almost seem grey, has a pale complexion with natural rosy cheeks, wears glasses for reading, freckles are splattered across her legs and arms, has a birthmark on the top of her forehead that is most easily seen near the hairline, about 5’5 and has a straight figure that hasn’t developed yet for she is very average in weight like she has been all her life. Her appearance sometimes mistakes people for they think she looks younger than she is.
Personality: Helpful, kind, caring, respectful, polite, sincere, understanding, easygoing, friendly, fair, reliable, team player, clumsy, easily confused, insecure, submissive, fearful, indecisive, naïve, can be clingy, gullible, sensitive, hides negative emotions in as much as possible, and nervous
Ability: Healing (Needs to touch to heal and can never raise back the dead)
Fears: fire, failure, darkness, pain, losing loved ones, public speaking, vulnerability, heights, and storms
Community: Comisdem
Love Interest: A male character possibly (TBD)

People of quibblo, I’m accepting writers and just extra characters. So for your characters please try and make them diverse as much as possible.

For extra characters: let me know you don’t want to write somewhere either above the character information or below. Make sure you still make your character different and don’t overlap with a lot of other communities that have already been chosen.

Writers: Please please please be careful with making your characters. I’m looking for diverse characters that will fit well into the community of your choosing. Do not and I repeat again, do not all go for the same community and remember, I need male characters too. If you want to write, I should tell you that I’m giving everyone a week and a half to write their chapter, unless otherwise notified.


Thank you for reading, don't be afraid to sign up :)
Have a lovely day to you all!

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