Rose in the Snow ♥

Rose in the Snow ♥

This was a poem written completely from my own experiences. When I was fifteen years old I've had a crush which was so intense, I wasn't sure if it was just a crush anymore. It was something that I never got over, not even after three years.

I guess that love really does leave scars...

For A.K.Z. ♥

Chapter 1

Rose in the Snow ♥

For a couple of moments, I thought I saw hope
I felt something that I’ve never felt before
Whenever I look at you, my head spins around
Your smile is the most anyone can ask for

I guess that I can live without sun or rain
But if I were ever without you, I'd be in pain
You would hurt me without knowing every day
But if it was just to be with you, my happiness stays

You used to talk to me a lot at school
And you gave me sweet smiles galore
I stopped being confused and I started to smile
Because I didn't feel lonely anymore

I thought that there was a trace of spark
And for a moment I thought that my choice had been right
But every time I get my hopes up
I always watch them fall back down every single time

I had always believed that there would be hope
Between us, maybe we just weren't meant to be
I try to forgive and forget the past, but I can’t
Your face just keeps apprearing in my dreams

Sometimes I just don’t know what to do
And you’ll always tell me what’s wrong and right
But now it’s different, and my hopes fell down too far
And nothing will make it get back up this time

You told me that everything was going to be fine
And I believed you, I really did
But then you let slip of your promise
And I discovered the secrets that you hid

Don't go on and keep on pretending
Because I know that things won't be fine
I gave you a chance, you threw away my heart
I fell down all the way from cloud nine

I’ll always remember you and never forget your name
But my feelings are the things that I can’t keep holding on
Maybe you really can’t tell a relationship from a game
But I’ll be here, always, when you want someone to lean on

I know a boy like you is not one any girl could get
Especially me, since I’m somewhere way below average
So I can only sit on the very edges of the sideline
And wish you eternal happiness

Your words cut like an icy cold blade
Do you have any idea how your knife of words could be so sharp?
Is it fun to watch me crumble, watch me fall?
To watch a girl who loves you in pain, to break her heart?

Whatever you say to me now, I won't feel hurt
I won't feel the ice of the stabbing pain
My heart has been shattered into thousands of pieces
Too small to be broken again

I guess that my instincts were wrong in the first place
After all, your feelings for her were tight
But that was when I was young, and now I’ll move on
With all my heart, I hope you’ll have a nice life

The time passes by, but it's not enough to wear me down
A tragic love that will never freeze in the cold
This is my story, this is my past... a rose of eternal love, blooming in the snow.

♥ She was given your heart, and she tied a rope to it and dragged it along behind her. If I were ever given your heart, I would protect it, cherish it, and put it in a place where it can't get hurt. ♥

A.K.Z., are you reading this?

I love you...


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