The Monster in the Back of Our Heads

Ugly and Fat
Mean and Cowardly
Stupid and Lame
Imperfect and Unworthy
Are just a few words we may hear come out of our mouths when someone asks, "Who are you?" But where do these words come from? Who made us believe them so? Could it be that voice in our heads that seems harmless until it's ready to destroy us? Here is a poem about the monster that's in the back of our heads. It's not just in one person's mind, it's lurking everywhere somewhere.

Chapter 1


Over the hills and through the core
There lies a beast of great power
That sleeps all day and wakes at night
To create fear for evermore.
It follows us in our worst dreams
Into a thick fog that we call the unknown
For it doesn't give up until the whole world knows
That there is more to the monster than what seems.
This beast at first glance
Seems to be nothing but a harmless idea
That follows us around like our own shadows
Quiet and unnoticed until it's time for it to take a stance.

The monster of the night
At the strike of the clock
Begins to plant sorrow in our heads
In order to start a war that begins with this new coming fight.
The words that play hit the corner of our souls
Echoing and bouncing back to the surface
To make us bleed from the sinful phrases
Until there is nothing left but empty holes.

The monster wants to find our strongest weakness
At the time when we feel helpless and all alone
Because it then knows how to bring us to our knees
While there is no one around to be a witness.
The creature begins to kill us slowly and with ease
For it has been there with us since our birth
Analyzing the way we go around
Learning every detail like how we live and how we breathe.
The monster enjoys waiting for when the time is right
Because while it waits it can learn how to destroy
By befriending us when times seem rough
Just to turn the page and trap us with the night.

The foul beast lives off our pain
Storing each nightmare we have
Into boxes full of electric energy
In order for it to use that for its gain.
We are nothing but puppets when we let this creature in
And when we listen to the words it sings
We become mindless believers in the words it says
For the monster makes us think we aren't right for our skin.

Do you think this monster is beautiful and pure?
Because it is not a creature that we want around
For all it wants is to see us fall in tears of red
Until we are nothing but insecure.
Do you think that this monster only feeds off the weak?
Because it's not a monster that chooses just a few to eat
As it wants the whole world in it's grasp
So the being has its chance when we make the smallest shriek.
Do you think that this monster won't effect you or your fears?
Because it's waiting for you in the shadows of time
Just being patient until it's ready to start a new war
That will drown even the fairest person in their own tears.
This monster is one that may never leave
For it sleeps in the back of our mind
Waiting for darkness to cast a certain type of scare
That the creature can feed off and make us grieve.

So over the hills and through the core
There lies a beast of great power
That sleeps all day and wakes at night
To create fear for evermore.


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