Fiery Are the Fires (LOTR fanfic)

Zora has returned to Middle-Earth, but has no memory of Bilbo and her adventures with him. Now Bilbo is 111, and has taken care of his younger cousin, Frodo, for the last few years. When Gandalf takes Zora along to Bilbo's birthday party, it sets in motion a battle for the very fate of Middle-Earth. And a power far darker than Sauron has returned, far darker than Melkor. And this time, there might not be a way out.

Warning:Parts of this will only make sense if you have read my Hobbit fanfic

Chapter 1


I sat in the back of Gandalf's cart of fireworks and eagerly looked ahead. "Are we there yet? Are we almost there? How much farther?" I whined and Gandalf chuckled quietly.

"It is not so much the destination, but the trip that sometimes matters the most, dear Zora," he said and I sat back down, crossing my arms and fake pouting.

"But its all cornfields! And grass and trees! The Misty Mountains are more sight-worthy than this!" I complained as we passed the thirteenth cornfield in twenty minutes. "Please tell me we're almost there!"

"We're almost there. Now be silent! Even the birds find your talking annoying," Gandalf said and began whistling to try and tune me out.

I rolled my eyes and messed with the musical pipes in my pocket. I had always wondered whom had been my family when I was younger. I was a hobbit, and now was the first time I could remember going back to the Shire, the only place besides Bree that was occupated by the kind. But Gandalf wouldn't tell me who my family was. Maybe he simply didn't know. He did tell me he had found me in a forest.

I snapped back to the present as a voice called from the side of the road and our little cart stopped. "You're late!" I looked up to find a hobbit about my age with dark hair, which was as curly as many other hobbits'. And his eyes were a stunning shade of blue.
"A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to," Gandalf answered and looked up at the hobbit. He and Gandalf stared at each other for a moment before bursting into laughter.

"It's wonderful to see you again, Gandalf!" he cried and jumped into our cart to hug the old wizard.

"Who are you?" I asked, sticking my head up from the pile of fireworks and staring with my bright silver eyes.

"Ah, Zora. Frodo Baggins, this is Zora Gildan. Zora, this is Frodo. I think the two of you will get along splendidly!" Gandalf said and Frodo sat down on the bench beside Gandalf as the wizard flicked the reins to our horse to get the nag moving again. I blushed as Frodo grinned back at me and I caught my first glimpse of Hobbiton.

The houses were inside the rolling, green hills, and children were running free. "Whoa," I muttered and I caught a glimpse of Gandalf and Frodo exchanging smirks. "So this is Hobbiton? It looks comfortable, like a home. Better than Rivendell, always feels like you have to leave right away there. And Lothlorien is just creepy. But this...I could get used to this," I said and sighed happily.

"Yes, well, Zora. It was a pleasure to meet you, Miss Gildan!" Frodo said and leaped from the bench as we began to climb a hill.

"Same to you Mister Baggins!" I shouted after him and grinned as Gandalf stopped by the door to a hobbit-hole. "What are you doing?"

"I wish to speak to Bilbo. Set up the tent and make sure Ginger is taken care of. I might be a while, knowing how much that hobbit likes to talk," Gandalf replied and I climbed into the front to take Ginger's reins. "Be careful. We don't want you to get burnt like the last time you started to mess with fireworks," the wizard warned.

I winced, remembering the pain on my forearm and moved my sleeve closer to my wrist. "Yeah, yeah. I remember it far better than you. And I have the scar to prove it."

Gandalf looked concerned as I pulled my sleeve even farther down my arm. "Zora, just do not mess with the fireworks. And make sure everything is done. When you have it done, you can do whatever you wish, except-"

"Mess with the fireworks! Yeah, I got that the first time. See you in a bit!" I said cheerfully and flicked the reins. I reached the small clearing where a few tents were going up and grinned as hobbits stared at me. The thing that surprised me a bit about the hobbits was that the girls all wore dresses. And I hated dresses. I always thought them impractical and stupid. I had also hated the feeling of something swirling around my legs. I didn't even like robes, for Eru's sake! But Gandalf had insisted I wear a dress to this party, even if I hated the thing, so I caved. It was simple, just a sapphire shade of blue, and the skirt was more of the Elvish type than hobbit. But I was more used to Elves, so I guess I didn't mind too much.

I was strange, that was for sure. I did everything Gandalf asked and watched as the hobbits left to get ready for the party. And the party began with music, wonderous music. I did enjoy the music. It was more lively than any I had heard from the Elves, more suiting to myself, though I didn't dance. Maybe because I didn't know how.

"Hello, Miss Gildan! How are you this fine night?" a familiar voice asked and I looked up to find Frodo standing in front of me, grinning in the light of Gandalf's fireworks.

"Fine," I answered and he frowned and sat next to me.

"It's a party! Why don't you lighten up and dance a bit?" he asked.

"Because I don't know how," I answered truthfully.

Frodo laughed quietly and stood up. "Come on, then. I'll teach you."

It was my turn to laugh. "You're kidding, right? Do you know how long it took for me to learn to leave Gandalf's fireworks alone? And how long it took for me to learn how to shut my mouth?"

Frodo smiled and his blue eyes twinkled mischievously. "Maybe we can break that streak."

I snorted, "Sorry Frodo, but no thanks."

Gandalf emerged from the small tent containing the cart of fireworks. "Zora, could you watch the fireworks? I need to go and run a few errands," he said and I saw an older hobbit wave at him.

"And I have something I must attend to," I said to Frodo. "I'll watch them, but why?" I asked Gandalf, and the grey wizard shook his head.

"Better not to answer that question, my dear."

I nodded and Frodo smiled as Gandalf left. "I'll leave you to it, then," he said and bowed, running off to join a golden haired hobbit staring wistfully out onto the dance area.

I sighed and heard a rusting inside the tent. I drew a dagger and headed in, only to find two young hobbits, climbing into the wagon. "What do you two think you're doing?" I asked as the younger one fell into the fireworks by surprise.

"We're umm..." The one still on the ground looked to his colleague for help and shrugged, a blush creeping into his cheeks.

"You're stealing a firework, aren't you?" I turned to leave, then turned around on a whim. "I didn't say this, but you should try the golden dragon," I said and caught a glimpse of the two grinning excitedly at each other.

I went closer to the rest of the party and watched as the firework lit up the sky in the shape of a dragon. I laughed as it burst and the hobbits clapped. Later, I spotted the hobbits I had caught all sooty and being held by their ears by Gandalf. Their punishment was to wash all of the dishes, which I did not envy. They did not reveal that I had let them in, though Gandalf gave me a scolding for running off and leaving the wagon unsupervised.

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