Harry Potter. IM A FREAKING BOSS... a magical creature hodgepodge!

Chapter 1

.... Yeah, well.

by: _Jeff_
[ ] You tend to be naive.
[ ] You no not do anything illegal. (Ill probably be arrested for beating the crap out of someone...)
[X] You only have a small handful of close friends. (UNITE! GEEK SQUAD!)
[X] Out of your friends, you are the 'odd/unique' one. (EVERYONE in my group is a weirdo, and we love it.)
[ ] You would prefer to live in a romantic, scenic area then in a busy city or town.
[X] You love your own company and have no problem with being alone.
[ ] You tend to ignore and dislike rude or nasty people.

Total: 3

[X] You would rather be by yourself than with friends. (Sometimes)
[X] In fact, you don't really have many friends... Just acquaintances. (Ahahhahh! YES!)
[X] You are not very approachable. (I scare people.... :'/ My face always looks angry)
[ ] If you were given a wish it would be to live forever. (Hell no, not on a place like THIS)
[X] People are stupid. Apart from yourself.
[X] It takes a special kind of person to befriend you. (Very special.)
[X] You are sly and cunning. (I'm a dam raven.)
[X] You can hold a grudge for ages.

Total: 7

[ ] You are gentle and have never been in (or try to avoid) fights. (LOL NO! Ill hit ANYONE if they deserve it!!)
[ ] You love the idea of being immortal.
[X] You are a free spirit and people have trouble telling you what to do. (-_- I LIVE to be free mofos.)
[X] You are into the arts and can quite often be found singing and dancing. (I like the Arts...)
[X] You are stronger than you look/Strong for your size. (I think I look tough enough to beat some idiots, you know, for a girl.)
[X] Although people may not always come to you for help, you would gladly offer aid. (Sure, why not? Got nothing better to do.)
[X] You like being outside slightly more than being inside.
[X] You are extremely loyal to your close friends. (Im not the goddess of Fidelity for nothing.)

Total: 6

[ ] You are not very loyal/trust-worthy. (Im loyal.... not trust-worthy.)
[ ] You switch allegiances easily, to whomever can supply you with what it is you desire.
[X] You happen to make people around you feel miserable. (I can get dark.)
[X] Despite the point above, you thrive off of others' happiness.
[X] Nobody seems to like you. They just use you.
[X] You wouldn't think twice about taking revenge on someone.
[X] You are the 'nasty/evil' one at your school/in your family. (I hate my family, except for my dad, everyone else can die.)
[X] You find it hard to express, (or feel), deep emotions. (I stopped feeling anything for anyone else a long time ago.)

Total: 7

[X] You value pride, so if someone insults you or your family you'd happily 'smack them. (If they insult me or ANY of my friends Ill beat the crap out of them.)
[ ] You hate rude people and expect others to have good manners. (Meh...)
[X] You are hard to understand, but you become good friends very quickly by those who do understand you. (I only befriend people who I know can accept me for who I am. So.... I dont have many friends.)
[X] You are very loyal and protect your friends and family. (Just my friends)
[ ] If you were given a wish, you would chose the gift of flight.
[ ] You would like to have children and start a small family
[ ] You are a mix match of types and have been called several stereotypes
[X] You are not 'popular' as such, but have a group of friends you regularly hang around with. (UNITE! GEEK SQUAD!)

Total: 4

[X] You prefer to keep your private life (relationship and family business), you know... Private.
[ ] You are close to the other people in your local area, or street.
[X] One of your most loved past-times is making or listening to music.
[ ] You think vampires are sadistic and evil.
[X] Your friends and yourself are seen as the 'odd' or 'weird' group by the others, but you don't care. (Yep... that sums up me and my pals...)
[X] You are intelligent but have your silly moments. (More silly, but yeah.)
[X] Although you don't like to fight, you can be fierce when you want to be. (YES! I dont go looking for fights, but I can throw a GREAT right-hook.)
[ ] You like to live to a routine so that no surprises pop up when you least suspect it.

Total: 5

[X] People often think you are dark, when, in reality, you're not.
[X] Many people find you confusing and do not tend to see your point of view. (I dont make any sense.... :'()
[X] You can normally tell someone who's friendly from someone who's deceitful.
[X] If someone tried to hurt you or a friend you would happily fight with them. (I'd beat the crap out of em!!)
[X] You will co-operate with people you would normally not spend time with.
[X] You prefer dark, quiet, mysterious places like forests or marshes to bright, lively places like a beach.
[X] You can go unnoticed when you wish to do so. (Imma Cheshire baby!)

Total: 7

[ ] You think you would make a good parent.
[X] You are stubborn and do not take orders. (ALL the time...)
[X] You spend the majority of your time by yourself.
[X] Those who know you find you fascinating and respect you, but they are also cautious around you.
[X] You are quick to anger, and have a fiery temperament. (Quicker than I would like to be.)
[X] You are rather useful and are good at many different activities.
[X] It takes you a long time to find someone 'special' to you, that you grow to adore.
[X] You have an average intellect; having some moments of brilliance as well as quite a few of stupidity

Total: 7

OKay...... Apparently Im a Basilisk/Dementor/Thestral/Dragon..... IM SO BOSS..... YES!


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