Every Day conversations with my crush

Read on! XD

This was in note passing by the way

Chapter 1


Him: Yo

Me: Sup

Him: This note is going to be dropped on the floor and someone will find it and read it thinking it'll be cool but they'll get bored reading it.

Me: Thank you for informing me about something so important.

Him: Did you know that you're not allowed to use silicone based lubricant for silicone toys*
*toys meaning not sexy toys

Me: Do I really need to know that?

Him: Yes so you don't ruin them. Jk Bri-Dawg

Me: You are strange :P but that's cool with me

Him: Thank you! I just wanted to spread the word. (Also drew a doodle dragon breathing fire with an 'M' on its body.)

Me: Consider it spread. (drew a doodle clown head xD)

Him: I wish I could draw like that :'oc (tried to draw the same doodle clown)

Me: My drawing was horrible. My sketch book is in my bag. (I forgot to add more words :( haha)
-The tip on a shoe lace is called an aglet.

Him: I remember that episode
Oh god I was so little dude

Me: Why did Sarah fall off the swing?

Him: Y?

Me: She had no arms-Knock Knock

Him: Whose there?

Me: Not Sarah...:P

(By then class had ended and he laughed at the horrible joke xD Then we went and got breakfast. Yes my school serves breakfast after 2nd hour since there are 8 classes I take. 45 minutes per class period haha)


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