Risen Powers (Group Story)

A story about 5 kids with powers, they have to stop a power that has unsealed, and the man who had obtained that power. Can they do it?

This Story Is Created By(In Order): WonderfulWeirdness, Awesome_Warrior_Cat, dovestorm (aka Darsha), books (aka Light_In_Life)

Chapter 1

Ashley - Letters from Somewhere

I laid on my bed, the week had came and past. It was now Saturday, which was the day I went to go help with the farm. My hoodie was stained with mud, and so were my jeans, and my sneakers were just brown. My hair was hardly noticeable as blonde, for now I had bed head and mud all over. I checked the clock, it was 7:00 in the morning, and I saw my mother already working and sweating.

I walked on over and she looked relieved. "Go on and feed the animals, and milk the cows while you're at it please." Mother said, as the mailman dropped the mail onto the fence. Mother walked over there and picked up the mail, so I went over to the animals. At the corner of my eye I saw Ally Fall, a friend of mine, walk on in.

She came to me. "Hey, Ashley. Hows your Saturday, oh wait, you have to work. I can help, if your ma don't mind."

"Oh, it's fine. I like to feed the animals and milk ol' Bessie. You can ask my mother if she needs any help with farming." Ally nodded and walked over to my mother, she tapped her shoulder and they started talking, soon I saw mother start to walk to me and Ally to the farm.

"Ashley, a letter came from.... I don't know. Here." She handed the letter. It was a soft white envelope, that had a bumpy texture. The place where you seal it at the end had fancy red and yellow ribbon all the way to the middle, that had a circle with the same fancy yellow and red coloring. It had fancy letters on the other side of the sealed part that said, 'To: Ashley', on it.

I opened the fancy letter inside, and I sat down. I began to read it.

'Dear Ashley Strell,

There is something that is needed to say to you and five other people. You need to come to Spell Cave now, a map is below.

From, The Wizard'

Indeed a folded map was also in there, and I checked. It was a normal map with a marked dot that below said, 'Spell Cave'.

I yelled for mother. She raced over and read the letter. Mother nodded.

"We should go, NOW." Mother got serious, and she grabbed my wrist. We leaped into the truck and she drove off, I waved to Ally, who looked confused.

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