Embarrassing Moment on the school bus


Chapter 1

What happens when you don't act quick

by: willc5994
Well you get on a bus you sit down, that didn't happen today. I leaped onto the school bus and my girl friend beaconed me over to sit down, oh how embarrassing i forgot how to move i was so surprised when my BEST FRIEND ran in-front of me and sat next to my girlfriend, i looked around, their was one seat ,right next to the fattest girl in the school, and her fat arse took up 1 1/2 of the two seats, lets just say i'm lucky i have a tiny arse, i sat down, she asked me if i could help her put her fat in her seat, damn, i needed to grab her fat and move it. I had no grip, i had to put my hand down her pants and grab her skin and then move it, great! It felt like a horrible squishy ball. Half an hour later we arrive at school. Yay hell over, or so i thought. I got up she did as well my BEST FRIEND pushed her onto me. I fell over she fell on me. I had to push the only thing i could, witch happened to be her boobs, i pushed as hard as i could, i was free. But for me the talk wasn't.


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