A Dark Wonderland

A Dark Wonderland

[Its merely a poem I wrote. I was quite bored.]

Chapter 1


by: _Jeff_
Deep down you fall
Through a White Rabbit's hole
To escape the sound of your shrill mother's call
You feel yourself flying deep in this space
How could someone like you have fallen into this place?

You close yours eyes, hoping its a dream
But the bright beams of light in your eyes sting
You hear the sound of music
But feels like murder to your ears
And as such a man, or a brightly colored monster crosses your path
Screaming nonsense with much malice and wrath

"Sigyn your back, tell me, have you seen my damned hat?!"
You stand in repose,
Who is this stranger in such mangled clothes?
"No, I haven't seen your hat, now tell me, where am I at?"
But no, no, no, we haven't time for that!

As quick as a crack, a cat with a hat
Wait... is that a cat? Its shriveled, beaten, blood-stained, battered and yet its smile is what scares you most, such sharp teeth, is that rotten flesh you see?
"My HAT!" The Hatter shouts, waving his arms about
But with that the cat hands it back and asks with such a creepy deep tone,
"Tell me good sir or madam, how is a raven like a writing desk when in Rome?"
You turn and answer him with your best,
"A raven and a writing desk, Rome is a place. Well... I haven't the slightest..."
And to think that cat trusted you with such a bequest!
"How is it that you smile cat?" You ask, backing away,
"Well Im a Cheshire Cat, you know, cats smile more often than not."
How could you answer such silliness right there on the spot?!

The Hatter turns around and gives you a grin, you see he has sickly green,
dying skin,
"You MUST meet the Red Queen, Im sure she'll let you right in!"
A queen?
Ugh, if you had just done what you were told you would be so disgraced!
As quick as a flash, you've escaped your past, and find yourself
In such a palace filled with reds and blacks, cards with armour and rows in stacks.

"COME IN!" The Red Queen screams
Not quite sure where you are or what any of this means
"NOW TELL ME PLEASE, WHERE AM I?" You say and see her decay
But saying such things to a queen, well now you need pray!

Ahh! What? But your head? How could it be?
You're in a death sentence, with barbaric trolls and you scream
But the Cheshire Cat, and the Hatter that was always quite mad are smiling happily as you near your end.
They smile with pointed teeth, and you see right then....

This is a twisted place in my mind, you won't find happiness here
Only madness and sadness, and death
This is no Wonderland, its an Underland
With no rate, you'll die right away
We'll all die here.
Now even though it may seem queer,
Ill say good-bye, for it was never your wonder,
It had always been mine, you dirty Wonderland-stealing swine!

[You've fallen into my personal Wonderland, and you don't belong, Im sorry, but Ive killed you.]


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