Through The Mirror and Into Your World (A One Direction Story)

This story was written by two strangers, two girls who found a friendship. Through the first sentence to the story of a life time. I hope you love this story as much as I do! Please Read and Rate and Comment on this story and Tell your friends to Read it too!

Chapter 3

~The First Time You Met Niall~

half way done, chapter one. lol that rhymed! XD Girl

Are you my girlfriends friend her and other Louis keep talking about? That's just soo nice? Niall

Yay I can't wait to read it Louis girl. It's nice to meet you Niall your girlfriend talks about you all the time :) Bebecake

We're still writing! :3 Girl

Really? She does? What has she said about me? Niall

Ok Lou. She talks about how cute you are and how much she loves you :) Bebecake

So excited for you to read it! Girl

Really? That is so sweet of her! :3 Niall

I'm excited to read it Lou. Yep she really loves you Niall :) Bebecake

Done and good night I don't want my mum to ground me! Bye! Girl

Read it and love it! lol Night mogo! Niall

Alright I'll read it night Lou night Niall :) Bebecake

Night! Niall and Girl

Hey guys :D Bebecake

Hey! Girl

Sup mogo? Niall

Nothing much , what are you guys up to? Bebecake

Hanging out with our kids! XD Girl

By 'our kids' she means the kids we babysit. lol not really our kids. sadly Niall

Who's kids are they Lou. You want to have kids now Niall? Bebecake

Um.......Maybe? Blushing Is that a bad thing? Niall

Some neighbor kids. Umm there's a Jacob and Sarah. I think that's their names? Girl

Omg you do Niall :D. You don't know the name of the kids your watching Lou :) Bebecake

Yes. Why? Is that bad? Niall

No I don't. I just found out that their names are Caleb and Kathrine. lol Girl

No it's not bad it's really sweet Niall. Where did you get Jacob and Sarah from :D Bebecake

Blushing Okay. :3 Niall

Just blurted it out. Think it's from a show I watch with Niall. Girl

Did you tell her you wanted kids with her Niall. XD did you call them Jacob and Sarah Lou? Bebecake

No. Not yet...... Niall

Yeah. lol Girl

So your planing on tell her right Niall? Wow Lou XD Bebecake


I'M BACK AND THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU'RE SO SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy

Should I tell her? Niall

:3 I feel so happy to be with the boyz! Girl

Your welcome Louis boy!!! I hope you have fun today. Yes you should tell her Niall. Bebecake

I'M 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy

Are you sure? Niall

I will! :3 Girl

You grew up so fast Lou boy :,). Do you want to tell her Niall? Your so lucky Lou girl. Bebecake

Yeah I guess I did! :) Boy

Yes. But I don't want to freak her out! Niall

Why am I so lucky? Girl

You did Lou boy. How do you know it's going to freak her out? Because your hanging out with the most amazing guys ever Lou girl. Bebecake

XD Boy

Well telling someone that you're dating that you want to have kids with them is a bit freaky, isn't it? Niall

I know right! Giggles :3 Girl

What are you doing Louis boy. It depends what kind of person they are does she seem like she would freak out Niall? Your so lucky Lou girl :) Bebecake

Practicing my hand stands. lol I have to pee! Sorry for saying that to you! :( Boy

She would probably think that I'm moving to fast or that I would make her. I wouldn't ever make her. :( Niall

YAY! I'm lucky! :3 Girl

I-it's okay Lou boy. blushes cherry red Maybe you should wait Niall. Bebecake

Awe. You must be really cute on the other end love. You seem really cute. BRB Boy

Plus it's almost Christmas. Niall

T-thanks Lou. Yeah it is almost Christmas I'm so excited :D Bebecake

I'm back! Good-night and Happy Christmas love! :) Boy

I got her a really good gift this year! I'm so excited for her to open it!!!!! XD Niall

Haha I'm putting mistletoe above Niall's head and he doesn't even notice! lol Girl

Happy Christmas to you too Lou boy. What did you get her Niall? Aww I love mistletoe how many are you putting up Lou girl? Bebecake

Now I can't wait till New Years! Boy

I know it may sound a bit cheesy, but I got her a locket with us both in it and on the outside it says 'My heart is your heart.' I know, cheesy right? Niall

Hahaha Laughs evilly I'm covering the roof of the house! Well ceiling! Laughs evilly again Girl

Me neither Lou boy. No it's not cheesy Niall it's really sweet. XD your so evil Lou girl lol. Bebecake


The neckless is a heart too! Thanks! I do try. XD Niall

Although that might mean that I'll end up kissing boy Louis and maybe the pizza man? Shivers And maybe Eleanor will have to kiss boy Louis? That would tick me off! But atleast Niall will have no choice but to kiss me! Laughs evilly again Girl

I AM TOO :D Lou boy. That's so nice Niall :D. Wow Lou girl wow XD Bebecake

XD! Boy

I love her and I want her to remember that forever and while I'm on tour. XD Niall

I think I'm too obsessed with Niall! Do you? Girl

Where are you going to go for new years Lou boy. Awww that's so sweet Niall :3. No your not obsessed your dedicated to your relationship Lou girl,your like me when it comes to my boyfriend. Bebecake

Maybe Paris or "Hawifi"? lol Boy

:3 I just love her so much! :3 Niall

Well I'm in love with him! You have a boyfriend? Cool! :3 Girl

XD your too much Lou boy. That's good that you love her Niall. Yes I have a boyfriend Lou girl :3 Bebecake

Have you ever been to Hawifi? Boy

She even changed her profile to me! X3 Niall

Check my new profile out! This is my favorite design yet! :3 And I'm not surprised that you have a boyfriend, you're so nice! Girl

No I have not Lou boy XD. That's a nice picture of you Niall. That's a nice picture of him Lou girl and thanks your nice too. Bebecake

You should go sometime and I might see ya! XD Boy

Thank you! She changed the whole thing. She just finished changing the nickname and location! You should check that out! XD Niall

I tried to pick the best, but there are too many best ones to choose from! :3 Thank you very much! Girl

I might Lou boy just so I can see you in person. I'll go check it out Niall. Your welcome Lou girl. Bebecake

lol I thought you said prison! But then I read it over again! Boy

So happy! I'm so happy! How are you today you crazy Mogo? Niall

Do you like it? Girl

Oh Lou boy :D your so silly. I'm doing good Niall thanks for asking. Yes I like Lou girl :) Bebecake

Yes I am! XD Have problem with that? Boy

Well it's nice to ask people how they're doing every once in awhile! XD Niall

I like it too! :3 Girl

No I don't Sass Master from Doncaster. Well how are you doing Niall? What are you doing Lou girl? Bebecake

Good. Smart move. XD Boy

I'm doing just wonderful! XD Thanks for asking! With my girl by my side, and one of my best mates with me, what more could I ask for! Niall

Sitting in Niall's lap! So cute. Can't help it. :3 Girl

Your so funny Lou boy XD. That's good Niall :D. That sounds like fun Lou girl :) Bebecake

Yes I am and never forget it! Boy

I almost asked her to marry me by accident! :/ Niall

Oh it is really fun! He's just so cuddly that I might fall right to sleep! ;3 Girl

I won't Sass Master XD. Woah Niall did you take out a ring or something? I wouldn't blame you if you did :) Bebecake

Good girl. XD Boy

No. But it almost slipped out when I looked at her. I keep on almost asking her though. :/ Niall

Good-night Imma gonna sleep on him now. Just talk to the others! For now...... Girl

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