Through The Mirror and Into Your World (A One Direction Story)

This story was written by two strangers, two girls who found a friendship. Through the first sentence to the story of a life time. I hope you love this story as much as I do! Please Read and Rate and Comment on this story and Tell your friends to Read it too!

Chapter 2

~The Story Of My Boyfriend~

Hi Louis girl and Louis boy :) Bebecake

Hello! How's your day today love? Boy

Yeah, how are you? Girl

Well I've been sick the whole day so I guess it was okay :/ Bebecake

Awe you poor thing! You'll get better love, trust me! Boy

I'll pray for you to get better! :3 Girl

Thanks guys your so sweet :3 Bebecake

Thank you love! You are too! Hugs you Boy

Awe. You're so sweet too! :3 Girl

Thanks :3 hugs Louis boy back so what are you guys up to? Bebecake

I'm eating carrots and sitting in Harry's lap laughing me head off! XD Boy

I'm fighting with Eleanor and talking to you! Girl

Louis boy can I have a carrot please and Louis girl why are you fighting with Eleanor. Bebecake

Okay love! Gives you a carrot Boy

I hate her! I love Louis and she's with Louis! :'( Girl

Thanks Louis boy. Aww poor Louis girl it's going to be okay I love Lou too but we have to let them be happy no matter how much it hurts :,( Bebecake

That's what I told her! Nods up and down I love you guys too! XD Boy

I know. :,'( It's just so sad! Girl

I think we love you more Louis boy. Aww it's going to be okay Louis girl you want a hug? Bebecake

I don't know about that girls. ;) Boy

Yes please! :'( Girl

We do love you more Lou boy. Aww don't cry please Lou girl I hate when I see people cry it makes me cry! hugs you and rubs your back and cries with you Bebecake

Why don't you girls like Eleanor? Boy

You're so sweet! Thanks! :3 Girl

Lou boy it's not that we don't like Eleanor, we just get a little jealous sometimes because she has you all to her self. Thanks Lou girl your sweet too :3 Bebecake

Awe. You girls are cute! Boy

Friends are awesome! Girl

Thanks Lou boy :3. Your awesome Lou girl :) Bebecake

You're very welcome love! Boy

Thank you! XD :3 Girl

Your so nice Lou boy. Your welcome Lou girl :3 Bebecake

I always try to be! XD How are you feeling now love? Boy

Yes. Are you feeling any better? Girl

Yeah a little but I still have a fever :/ Bebecake

It'll go away love! It'll go away! Boy

I'm still praying for you! Girl

Thanks guys ,I feel like crap right now :( Bebecake

Hugs you Boy

Hugs you Girl

hugs you both back and smiles thanks guys I needed that :) Bebecake

I'm here for you whenever I can be and whenever you need me! XD Haha that rhymes! Boy

Awe. That's what friends are for! :) Girl

Guys you don't have to do that for me. Bebecake

Do what? Boy

What are we not having to do? Girl

You don't have to be there for me. Bebecake

Whatever you want love. Sorry if I offended you. Boy

I just meant that the hugging is what friends are for. XD Girl

No it's not that I don't like you being there for me it's just that I don't want to bother you guys. Bebecake

It wouldn't bother me. It would be fun helping a friend out! That's what I live for! XD Boy

Wouldn't bother me. It actually makes me happy to know that I helped a friend out if they needed it. Girl

Awwww guys that's so sweet thanks :3 Bebecake

Your're welcome love. Tell girl Louis to stop glaring at Eleanor. Boy

I'm not glaring, just staring at her with a horrible look on my face. ;) You're welcome. Girl

Louis girl remember what I said yesterday be nice Eleanor! Bebecake

How are you today love? Boy

Fine. I still hate her though. :( Girl

I'm doing fine Louis boy I'm not sick anymore. Will you promise me to try and be nice to Eleanor Louis girl. Bebecake

That's wonderful! XD Louis girl prayed and it worked! XD You're awesome! XD Boy

I will. I promise. Glad you're better! :3 Girl

You're awesome too Louis boy. Thanks for praying for me Louis girl I appreciate it :) Bebecake

XD Thanks love! Boy

Anytime! :) Girl

Your welcome Lou boy :D so what are you guys up to? Bebecake

We were baking cookies for the Christmas Party I'm going to have! XD Boy

Yes. Short bread cookies! My fave! XD Girl

That sounds like fun, who's going to the party? Bebecake

The lads are, Simon will be there, Perrie, Eleanor, Selena Gomez might come, and lot's of others. XD Boy


That's good I hope you guys have fun :) Bebecake

Meet too! XD Boy

Yay! I hope I will too if Eleanor's gonna be there. I'll have to be nice. :D Girl

When is the party? Bebecake

Tommorrow. XD Boy

I've got to go shopping for a Christmasy outfit! :D Girl

That's good Lou boy. What are you going to buy Lou girl? Bebecake

See how I added the Tommo to tomorrow? XD Boy

Probably a green and red tight dress and green and red flats. And red Christmas ordement dangily earrings! Girl

Yes I saw Louis boy that's was very clever of you :D. That's sounds like a pretty outfit Louis girl. Bebecake

XD Thanks love! Boy

I'm gonna try and get it! Thanks! :3 Girl

Your welcome guys :) Bebecake

What foods do you think I should have at the party? Boy

Imma gonna buy it now! :D Girl

Well are you guys like having dinner during the party? Bebecake

No. Just snacky foods. Boy

Any ideas? Girl

Well you should have chips,drinks,probably some pies, and cake if you want? Bebecake

Smart. Maybe I should add some chocolates? Boy


Yea and you might wanna double up on all the food because Niall might eat a good portion of it :D Bebecake

Niall would save food for Louis girl though, cause they are dating. Boy


Wait there dating I didn't know that? Bebecake

Yes. Been dating for a while. She was the girl who kept delivering Nando's to his house when he ordered. Boy

YEPPERS! :3 Niall's so cute! :3 Girl

Awww I just love couples :3 Bebecake

It makes me cry tears of joy! Niall found his princess! Their gonna write a story about it on here. Boy

NIALL! XD I think I'm a bit obsessed! NIALL! I actually think I have a problem. NIALL! Girl

Aww that's cute! looks over at Louis girl and laughs a little is Louis girl going to be okay? Bebecake

I think she will. They're so cute together! And they always see each other when he goes to Nando's. Boy

NIALL! I just do that every once in a Niall. Girl

Awww that's cute it think you guys will stay together a long time Louis girl :) Bebecake

:3 I'm just so happy for them right now. You better read their book. Their working on it together! Boy

Niall? I mean really? I seriously can't get my mind off of NIALL! I meant to say every once in a while, not Niall. Giggles Girl

I will read it I promise :) Bebecake

They'll put it up soon. XD Boy

NIALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! I love my baby! Girl

Ok :) Bebecake

They'll try and put it up today! XD Boy


Yay I'll read it :D Bebecake

I'm going to be right back. I need to use the washroom. Boy

It's a good thing he shared that with you. lol Doing right now! Girl

Umm thanks for telling me that Lou boy o.o Bebecake

I'm writing it with Niall right now! What a cutie! :3 Girl

Ok that's good :) Bebecake

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