For The Girls Who Chase Storms

Chapter 1


do you remember the tornadoes?
racing through the town like a little girl on rollerblades,
here one day, gone the next,
so fast that you hardly remember to breathe.
do you remember how they moved?
ripped up one house, left the neighbours untouched,
swinging through back alleys and overturning old rubbish,
throwing caution to the wind (literally),
lifting a 4x4 off the ground, dropping it onto a playschool,
declaring it to be 'art,'
stacking a bus, on a car, on a truck, on a motorcycle;
call it a night.
move on to something else to destroy.
do you remember how you chased the tornado,
couldn't bear to let it go because the tornado had something you couldn't possibly go on without,
how you chased it around other houses as the inhabitants stared at you accusatorily as though you had led the tornado to them?
well then do you remember the boy, who swept through your life like a little girl on rollerblades?
how he toppled everything you had built for yourself with one glance and how you let him?
do you remember how when he left, he took your heart,
and do you remember how you followed him to the next girl,
and the next girl,
and the next girl,
and the next girl,
and the next girl,
and do you remember how you saw the first signs of it?
how the sky turned cloudy,
how you felt like you should leave but couldn't quite bring yourself to do it?

listen to my forecast;
when you start hearing the thunder, do not stay for the rain.
when the lightning strikes, you should already be going;
get out of the car and go with a blanket in one hand, radio in the other,
and when the rain starts to pour down you should be in the basement,
arms wrapped around yourself and far away from where he can reach you.

and when the first cloud crosses that perfect blue sky of his;
well, you run.


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