You want a rant about self consciousness? You got it.

Chapter 1

Peace (to no one).

So, we're all just attention seekers because we're scared of people judging us? That makes total sense. You know what makes more sense? If you use those tiny brains of yours as tampons. Everyone who thinks self conscious or depressed people are attention seekers, I hope Robin Thicke gets ya. You people disgust me, depression is a mental illness, self consciousness is linked to anxiety, which causes panic attacks. So well done Alexis, you probably hurt someone so bad they had a panic attack. I used to have anorexia, because of people calling me fat and ugly. Yeah, I'm a guy with a working cock, it's a shame that all the 'real' men out there judging people because of what someone's been through have such tiny 'things'. Beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder, it's coming round your house to kill your ass. I can't be bothered writing anymore. Pass this along until all those retards know that there's no point in arguing with the misfits of society.


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