songs that must be played at my funeral

Chapter 1


by: 68687
ievan polka- korpiklaani

i am the walrus- beatles

what does the fox say- yvlis

buono tomato- romano

la pasion no se detenie- spain

always with you- nordic five

me gusta song- unknown latino artist

mein gott- prussia

my song that was written by me for me- prussia

hatttefattue parade prussia- prussia

everything that prussia wrote

i am german made- germany

mexican national anthem

rabiosa- shakira

loca- shakira

bad apple japanese nightcore version- i dontk now who wrote this dont judge

anything from korpiklaani that is fast and hardcore

o canada

brother complex- canada and america

pub and go- england

let there be rock- acdc

and as i am lowered into the ground, highway to hell- acdc


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