My Pet Peeves ( with funny stories )

Story of all of my pet peeves, with my expierences included of WHY I hate them so freaking much

Chapter 1



I hate them.

It is not just the fact that they wake you up from wonderful dreams in order to come back into reality and go to school. No, its not that it resembles a rooster, which I actually got a rooster alarm clock, it was horrible, VERY loud. No, its not that " AAHT! AAHT! AAHT! AAHT! ", that horrible sound that is possibly the most annoying thing on this earth.



I have always hated alarms, always, they have been my biggest enemy I have ever had in life so far ( I have had a lot of enemies, mind you ). Just recently, I had one of the worst mornings ( I go to sleep in the morning ) of my life. And it all started, with an alarm....


So, for the last week and a half, my alarm hadn't been going off at all. It was set on " Wake", it was set on full volume just for extra measure, hell, I sat it right next to my ear. When morning came, nothing . So last nightish/morning, I decided that I would test it before risking another rush to get ready. I set the alarm at 12: 03 ( it was 12:00 ), full volume, as high as it could go, it was set on "Wake", it had enough power to wake at least 4 of our neighbors. The countdown till 12: 03 neared to the last minute, I stood aways putting on a herbal face mask ( don't ask ), not expecting it to go off, not expecting a sound. Yea, well guess what.

It finally went off.


My heart, STOPS, like LITTERLY it DID NOT MOVE for a few seconds there. I don't know what took over me, but I make this Super Man leap toward my alarm, that is blaring at full power, in attempt to slam down on the " Sleep" button. I punch the sleep button for all I'm worth and I do a face plant into my pillow as the sound fades away. Just barely lifting my head I look out the window to see that the neighbors, thanks to me, are now WIDE. AWAKE.

Just what they always wanted, to be woken up at 12:03 in the morning.

Anyway, so I have to completely redo my little mask, took only a few minutes but still, I hop into bed. Flip off my lamp light with the switch on the bed post, snuggle into the covers, prepare for a short sleep, but a sleep at that. My cat jumps on me and curls up in-between my legs, we're comfy, there is nothing that could possibly ruin this feeling.

Yea well " AAHT! AAHT! AAHT! AAHT! AAHT! AAHT! AAHT!" Mutha f**ker

I kid you not, my cat shot up like 2 feet and was tossed like a rag doll onto the bedroom floor. I, myself,was petrified because I set it for a completely different time. And this was only minutes after, the scare before. It could only mean one thing.


Alarm malfunctions are one of the worst things an alarm could possibly do, this means that, that horrible sound will be going off at completely random times from the time now and the time set . It could go off every 8 minutes, then wait an hour till blowing again, anything is possible. Anything horrible , is possible.

After punching the sleep button repeatedly with fire in my eyes, I reset the volume to a lower, quieter level. I snuggle back into the covers, the cat gets back up, I'm watching the clock intently, because with malfunctions ( with mine at least ) there is usually a pattern for at least an hour.

8 minutes later...


Great, this alarm will erupt every 8 minutes. Wonderful.

For about the next hour or so, that lovely sound ( KILL IT, MY GOD, KILL IT. BURN IT WITH FIRE ) came every 8 minutes. And each time I hit it harder than before, I started to get very frustrated and cranky. At the last 8 minutes of the hour, when I hit that "sleep" button. I hit that thing so hard it could've gone to all the way down to hell and crashed back through the ceiling.

It was now 1:03ish in the morning. And I am one of the crankiest people alive.

With less than 3 hours to sleep, I start to devise a plan of murdering the alarm, but I can't, cause I NEED that alarm to go off. I will NOT have my hair straight for 3 days in a row. 7 minutes later, I watched the alarm intently, by fist hovering over the sleep button ready to slam it down. The last few seconds ticked. and finally, it finally reached 8 minutes...


THERE. WAS. NOTHING. No sound, no "AAHT", no movement, no scare, no neighbors plotting my destruction ( yet ). Nothing. There. was. nothing.

Right then and their I went from the crankiest person alive to the happiest, proceeding to jump up from the bed and do a little victory dance, hopping over the various junk covering the floor. Crawling back into bed, I finally curled up into free fall position, burying my face comfortably into my soft pillow, my eyes started to close, the wonderful feeling of sleep was starting to take over




The alarm when on till about 4 o'clock, when I usually wake up, it was blaring all morning long and when it finally reached the time set, it shut off and I proceeded to fall face first onto the floor in utter exhaustion. About an hour after that, a former alarm of mine for some reason went off, so I had to go running around the house on a wild goose chase for this stupid alarm that was blaring " C&CK-A-DOODLE-DO " to everyone, dead or alive. I finally found it, and proceeded to smash it against the wall.

This was only recently, I have many more adventures with crappy alarms, such as the loudest rooster alarm ( before I smashed it ) that you will ever hear that I could not figure out how to turn off, the stupid yet lovely fairy princess alarm where the sleep button broke, and various others. If you would like to here these stories, comment below and I will tell what happened.

More pet peeves and stories of why I hate whatever it is on the way, since I have MANY

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