Average [Original story]

This is a story, an original story.
About an actually normal girl, and not the average "Mary-Sue" character everyone hopes for. She has quirks, she doesn't have a perfect life, she loses people, she wakes up like a wreck, she's just not perfect. Just average.


Chapter 3

Chapter 3.

"Uh, yeah? What do you want?" I asked Troy
"Sara's here, Sam didn't come tell you becau-"
"I know, thanks, please send her up" I replied.
"Sure, but one thing, are you okay?" He asked politely.
"Does it look like I'm okay?" I responded with my question.
"Okay I get it, you don't want to talk. But I'm here if you want to talk or somethi-"
"No, it's okay. I have Sara."
"You always do that"
"Do what?"
"Interrupt people"
"I'm letting them save their voice and also what's the point of waiting for them to finish if I know what their saying?"
"Oh, true."
"Anything else? I'd like to see Sara now"
"Don't doubt yourself, don't listen to Sam and let people... let me in." He said and then walked away down the hall and called for Sara to come up. I let what he said repeat over and over in my head. "..let people...let me in". Does that mean he wants me to let him in? Does he really want to know? Why does he want to talk to me? Does he know how crappy I feel? Will he end up helping me?

"Hey girlie! Sorry I wasn't at school today, my parents had to take Lockie to the doctors and we had a package coming so I had to stay home. Again I'm sorry So how was your day?" Sara said without taking a breath.
Sara was like the 'Mary-Sue' of our school. She had the body of a bikini model, dark maroon hair, the perfect parents, the perfect house and almost the perfect grades. Her personality was amazingly perfect. She was every guy at schools' perfectly fantasized girlfriend , maybe even some of the male teachers. But right now she had her hopes set on Josh, the school's captain of the basketball team and probably the most popular guy at school. The two most perfect people in school. Cliché, right? Only there's one problem. Josh acts like he hardly knows that Sara exists.

"..let me in.."
Will he even help me?

"Oi, Sadine??! You okay?"
I should have said; 'No, I'm not, Sara. I hate my brother so much. He's hurting me. And his best friend is confusing me.'
But instead, I said;
"Yeah, I'm fine! Just peachy hahah"
"I know you're not but I also know that you're not going to tell me right this moment."
"On the other hand, omg Sadine have you heard OneDirection's new song Better Than Words??"
"Omg yes!!! Niall's part is just omfg."
"Sing it!!"
"ButI don't sing!"
"Best I ever had, hips don't lie, you make me wanna...ssssss... one more night. Irreplaceable. Yeah, crazy...crazy..."
"Oh lord, girlie you sound great! You have a really great deep voice!"
"Wow, uhhmmm..ghee thanks. But no. Anyways, come sit down!" I said gesturing her to sit on my bed with me.

"So what did I miss? Any fights? Any new couples? Any--"
"Sara, remember, you're my way of gossip. I don't get told anything."
"Oh, I know, soz Sadine."
"It's okay"
"So...can you stay over tonight, because it's Friday. And there's a party at Josh's. And I can't go alone. And you have nothing to do. And you're going with me. And do you agree?"
"Hhahahhaah yes, Sara, I agree"
"Yes! I think you're brother's going, but we'll avoid him, kay?"
"And Trey, Tru, whatever Sam's friend's name is, he's going as well. Problem?"
"Uh, no."
"Great! Let's get you over to my house"
"I have to tell mum."
"My mum called your mum this morning, she said it's fine"
"Nawwssss thanks Sara!!"
"It's all good. Anyways, let's go. You can wear my clothes. Just come with me, now."

And with that, we walked out of my room and downstairs. As we were passing the boys I blurted out really fast,
"I'mgoingwithSaratoJosh'spartyandI'mstayingthenightathers.Okalie, bye!!"
And then we walked out the door, well I so more strutted to prove a point. But anyways, we got into Sara's car and drove to her place.
"I'm going to give you a make over by the way" Sara said.

This is going to be a looonnnggg night. Sigh

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