Chapter 3


It been five day now. Seems like it been forev'r. I still here, hiding amoung these boxes. I hear the door open an' a crew member come in. He look like he's bout fifty- got grayin' hair and a worn face. He scans the room. I realize he comin' right toward me. I curl up and hope he don't notice me. Me, lying here in my dirtied dress. But he does. He sees me. I watch his face fill with surprise. "You," he says, "What are you doing here?" I look up at him. "Please, mister," I say, "Please don' tell no one." He glances back at the door. "Please." I whisper, so quiet he can hardly heat. I thought about what might happen- they could sell me or whip me or kill me. He bends down. "Be careful," he mutters, and my heart fills with relief. "Yessir. Thank you sir," I says. I lean back against the wall and he leaves the room. He the only white man ev'r do such a thing for me. I falls asleep and I dreams of Master Williams catching me and shooting me. I wake up with a start.

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