Chapter 2

On the Ship

I crouch behin' the box while the crew member looks 'round. I been on the ship the Coserra for a couple day. So far I been lucky. I got out of Master William's Plantation (no, I tells myself, I'm a free girl now. No master) an' I sneaked onto the ship while no one was looking. I been in the storage place since then. I foun' a box o' cans o' beans so I been eating those. Sometime I find bottle o' water, an' I sav'r it. I can' believe I made it this far. The crew leaves an' I sigh. I look down at my hands. They's tough hands, from workin' from the time I was five. They the color o' the coffee Master William use to drink. When I was three, I ask Jessey, a woman who slept in the same room as me, whys we so diff'rent from them. She says theys white an' we black. She says it just the way things are. Why are they like that? Why?

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