Star Light, Star Bright

Noah is an outcast who was orphaned by his parents at a young age. The only thing he has of them is a picture. He climbs about the Royla, a vessel setting sail to Great Britain. As a stowaway, he encounters beautiful Alika, a girl from Greece. But Alika isn't all what she seems to be. As Noah and Alika develop a deep friendship, tragedy strikes. Their friendship is tested while the struggle to survive becomes bigger and stronger.

Chapter 3


I was sleeping peacefully, well no, actually I was sleeping while coughing and then I heard a thump coming from the entrance to the tunnel thing. I woke up and my hat was on my face, my jacket covering me like a blanket. It's a really big jacket.

I hear little thumps on the ground, like footsteps. I strain my eyes to listen over the noise of the engines right underneath me. Yup, footsteps.

The person stops moving and I think they're probably near me and can see me. They call out to me.

"Who are you? Why are you here? Stay back, I have a..." It's a girl's voice, most likely a teenager, like me. What's she gonna threaten me with?

She pauses before saying that she has this huge black flashlight. Woop dee do. I'll get so scared by a freaking flashlight. What a threat.

Wait, a second.. How did she get in? I locked the entrance door! What if there's other doors? I'll get found out by the Crew faster than you can say The Royla!

I turn out the light bulb i discovered. It's small, but works really well.

"Holy mother of the angels." This is not good. So not good. I have to get answers from this girl. I take off my hat from my face and lean against the wall.

I look at the girl. Since the light's on, I can see her really well.

She's beautiful.

Staring at me, her hazel eyes sparkling in the faint light. I study her facial expression and I'm surprised that she's genuinely scared. Why's she scared? Oh yeah, there's a random guy hiding and it's the middle of the night.

"It's okay, I'm not gonna hurt you. I'm not the bad guy." I say, gentleness in my voice.

The girl backs against the wall, her long chestnut hair falling in her face.

"Who are you?" She asks, tucking her hair behind her ear. She looks up at me. We're two feet apart.

"My name's Noah." I simply reply. Because that's my name. I don't have a legal family name, even though I know I'm a Smith.

"No, I mean your full name. If I needed to find you once again, I would need your full name." She says.

"That is my full name. I was orphaned when I was a baby. I'm here to find my parents. I know their names and I know my potential last name but it isn't right to call myself that. At least not until I find them."

She asks me my entire story and I tell her everything. The Orphanage, Pablo, the photograph of my parents and sister. As I tell her this, she seems to become less tense and trust me.

"You have a sister? I have three." She says. It's the first thing she's said about her.

"What's your name?" I ask her.

The girl looks down at her dark blue sweater then looks up back at me.

"Alika Ramyran."

"Alika." I repeat. She shakes her head and I'm momentarily confused until she repeats,

"Alika. Pronounce it like this: Ah. Lee. Kah." I repeat after her and I say it all at once. It's beautiful.

"Where are you from?" I ask. She doesn't look like an american but she doesn't look super foreign.

"Greece, I suppose." She looks like she's about to cry but she takes a deep breath and gives me a small smile.

Why do I trust her? Does she trust me? It kinda seems like it. Alika doesn't seem to like giving out her 4-1-1. I already told her my story, I wanna know hers.

Is she like me? Nah, I doubt it. But if she isn't, then why can I trust a stranger I just met? If I see her tomorrow, I'll look for the Spot. I hope she isn't covering her arm though, that's where it is.

I don't want to tell her what I am and I hope that I won't have to. She'll flip out. I can't tell anyone, and I never did.

Pablo was one too, that's why we traveled together.

I'm not telling Alika, as much as I want to.

After a few moments, she tells me that the day starts at seven in the morning and breakfast starts at seven thirty.

She promises that she will bring me something. I thank her and she goes back through the tunnel.

I like her, she was nice. I hope she doesn't rat out on me, but I doubt she will. This is the low level, where all the working class people would go.

I start planning my tomorrow, drifting into a deep sleep, dreaming about seeing my parents, hoping they are where they said they'd be. I have one year and one day to find them.

If I don't, I'll never see them again.

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