things about quibblo

things about quibblo

yo i am gonna tell ya'll a story about how to be a fun and good quibblo user! some of my facts i found in this very site and anyway i hope you enjoy it!
Im not saying all of these are correct but I tried quite hard to complete it!

Chapter 1

good manners

by: Hammy59
1: have friends you know
my mum said that fame comes through relationships but you wouldn't have a relation with some stranger! Try and invite friends you know round to quibblo!

2: Have fun
thats what quibblo is also about! having fun on quibblo while making quizzes, stories and notes because people will find them more intresting!

3: Don't start a fight on quibblo

nobody likes fighting so don't start fights on quibblo.


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