Stuck On Board

Imagine being a stow-away. Imagine being a stow-away on a ship. Imagine being a stow-away on a ship trapped in ice. Imagine being Peter Maybury.

Chapter 1

17th January 1967

Crap. The ship is trapped. Some of the crew were talking about it. We're surrounded by ice. Not that they know there's a we. Damn. There was a cabin boy slot going but, trust Peter Maybury, I'm too good to work. Suppose that's why I left the orphanage as soon as I was 16. Didn't want to end up in a mill. God, I used to see some of the boys coming back from there. Completely exhasted and covered in coal dust. Well, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes to get out of this mess. In the mean time, I'm just gonna have to hang tight and see how long I can last. Maybury out.

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