Abortion: My Point of View

Chapter 1


Okay, so today in church (I'm Christian) the sermon was about abortion and I just wanna talk about it. This isn't to start any arguments. I just want to let everyone know my point of view on this subject.

Here's some things though:

1) This is from a Christian point of view but read it even if you're not one
2) Please don't be offended is you're pro-choice, I have nothing against pro-choice supporters.
3) Please don't argue over this, if you do I will delete your comments.

Okay, let us start.

Number 1-

So, in our church bulletin the had a sheet of paper with a poem on it and I want to share it with y'all

I could have been a Doctor, or a Lawyer or a Cook,
I could have been the Author of an influential book,
I could have been a Teacher helping children learn to read,
I could have been a Farmer growing crops from just a seed.
I could have picked a dandelion upon a summer's day,
and then with just my breath I could have blown it all away.

I could have caught a butterfly and kept it in a jar,
I could have sat up on my roof and wished upon a star,
I could have cuddled, cozy warm and sleeping in my bed,
I could have told a story while I stood upon my head.

I could have held a kitten,
I could have laughed out loud,
I could have made my Mommy and Daddy very proud,
and if someone had told my Mother that abortion was a sin,
Perhaps she would have listened,
And the perhaps... I could have been!

Think of everything that child could have been. Think of all the memories you'll lose by aborting that baby. Even if you don't want him/her you can let someone else have these memories through adoption.

I personally know two people (husband and wife) who adopted two black children (I'm not sure what country they're from, I think America though) and they are some of the best parents ever. They love those kids so much! Not every foster/adoption goes wrong. Some may, but some give people a child that they may have not been able to have themselves.

Number 2-

I want to give you the numbers.

-Over 1,000,000 babies are aborted each year in the USA, in the entire world, 42,000,000
-2,000,000 couples in the USA are waiting to adopt
- Abortion is legal up to the day of birth in all states of the USA (under circumstances)
-Yearly, 8,000 babies are aborted that may have survived out of the womb
- Almost all abortions in the USA happen after the babies heart has started beating
- Teens in the USA alone have over 200,000 abortions each year

Look at that. Why is that happening? Why should teenagers even be pregnant? Why would women even want to kill their own child?

Now, I know what you'll say to back that up.

~ What if she was raped?

~ What if she's too young?

~ What if the birth will kill her?

Now out of all of these the only acceptable one, is the last.

Let's go over them step by step.

~ What if she was raped?
I know how scary this can be. I was almost raped, okay? I know how it is, but how does this traumatizing event give you, a normal human being, the authority to kill your own child? It is still you flesh and blood! If you don't want it, someone else will! And once you have an abortion, there is no going back! No redoes, nothing. That child is dead, unless they survive and have physical disabilities from it and it would be your fault alone because you made the decision to abort that baby.

and my personal favorite

~ What if she's too young?
She certainly wasn't too young to have sex was she? If she thinks she's old enough to do that, then she's old enough to accept the consequences. Abortion shouldn't be a solution! Killing a child to make it go away shouldn't be an option. It is murder. That's it.

End notes:
Feel free to correct me or make you point in the comments but do it kindly and respectfully please. And I didn't mean to offend anyone if I did

Love you guys!

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