Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: topbmfc
He couldn't help but notice the young girl that sat alone at recess staring off into the distance as if she couldn't wait for this time of fun to be over. She was the black sheep of the grade, possibly the entire school, and the young teacher couldn't help but be curious why she sat all alone every day.
He slowly walked over to her trying too think of the many reasons why the girl could be this way.
Could she have a social disorder or awkwardness?
Was she a strange version of introvert?
Did she just not trust anyone?
He sat down in front of her expecting the girl t look up, but she continued to stare at the ground in disgust.
The teacher looked at her quietly speaking, "I don't think I have met you yet. What is your name?"
The young girl looked up a little confused and responded with a slight stutter, "I-I'm Ariana."
The teacher nodded and smiled hoping to ease the tension. He looked her in the eyes and brought up another question, " Why are you all alone? Why don't you go play with the other kids?"
Ariana looked down. There was a dangerous look in her eyes. I look that she was too young to know, "They don't like me."
The teacher looked over towards the playground filled with dozens of children. Surely one of them would like this quiet young girl?
"Why don't they like you?"
Ariana looked over towards the playground, "Because they don't like my real friends. They screamed and tried to run from them. I stopped them from being scared. Then they became my friends."
The teacher looked back at Ariana, "If you have friends then why don't you go play with them?"
Ariana shrugged, "They can't be here."
The teacher looked at the girl before him carefully and curiously, "Why not?"
Ariana looked down quickly at the ground, "They don't like people."
The teacher looked at the playground filled with children and then back at Ariana, "Could I meet these friends of yours?"
Ariana tilted her head in a confused manner, "You want to meet my friends?"
The teacher nodded. They were finally getting somewhere in this conversation, " Yes. I would like to meet your friends."
Ariana smiled brightly at the young teacher, "Then you can become one of my friends too!"
The teacher smiled at the young girl, "Yes. I can be one of your friends."
Ariana quickly jumped up and grabbed the teachers hand pulling him away from the playground. She led him farther and farther away until they came to a line of trees blocking almost any person from going much further.
Ariana let go of the teachers hand, slowly walked to the forest, and turned to face the teacher once again, "You can't go t where we normally meet but they said they would come here to meet you."
The teacher looked at her confused, "When did you talk with your friends Ariana?"
Ariana smiled impishly, " I talk with them all the time," She ominously paused, " Not everyone can hear them though."
The teacher looked at Ariana. He now believed her friends were imaginary, " Well can I meet them now?"
Ariana frowned, " You aren't close enough."
The teacher moved forwards towards the line of trees and Ariana, " Close enough to the forest? If that's the problem I can keep moving forward."
Ariana shook her head, and reached to a little bag at her side that the teacher had not seen before and pulled out a whistle. She blew on the whistle and the earth around them started to shake, " You will see them, but you aren't close enough to them to see who they are."
The teacher looked at the ground terror now slowly overtaking his mind, " Then how do I get closer?"
Ariana smiled once again, but this time there was a dark gleam in her eyes as she pulled a knife from her bag and skeletal hands reached up to hold the teacher in the place he was standing. Ariana moved forward and held the knife inches away from the teachers chest who now knew how dangerous this had just become,
"Closer to death silly!" Ariana whispered in an innocent childlike manner before letting the knife find its mark.
The teacher could feel himself dying. It was only moments before he would be swept from the world of the living,
"Why?" He managed to croak out of throat.
Ariana tilted her head curiously, "You wanted to be my friend remember? Now you get to meet my friends! They will meet you at the grave. I'll see you then!"
And life closed itself to him as he watched the seemingly sweet little girl head towards the playground to find another "friend."


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