Deadly Killer...

Deadly Killer...

I just felt like writing a poem XP

Chapter 1

She's Coming

You look around,

You hear a sound,

In the onyx black place,

You attempt to see a familiar face,

She wasn't this way before,

Before she loved the sight of gore,

She used to be kind,

Into her mind,

Never spoke a word,

She's afraid to let her voice be heard,

All the critics everywhere,

Her mind slowly begins to tear,

She's gaining on you,

What will you do,

The Deadly Killer sees you,

Yet you can't see her,

Oh the pitch black around you,

For her, its a thriller,

She is your killer,

Prepare for your death,

Breathe your last breath,

No one hears your muffled cries,

No one hears your last good byes,

The prey lie there motionless,

She wonders why she's like this,

Why she can't speak her voice,

She has no choice,

Quietness with her remains,

The world is now her domain,

The crimson gore all over her face,

She doesn't want to be in this place,

She walks away innocently,
Her victim still bleeds slowly,
The scarlet red puddling around the victim in the black,
There's no turning back...


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