Dirty one shots

Like the title says this is just going to be a collection of dirty one shots. Its a group story so if anyone is interested in adding their own story just let me know so I can pass it on.

Chapter 1

Lucky waiter

"Hi my name is Tom and I will be your waiter for this evening.” “A bottle of red wine my good fellow.” Dad said tucking a 20 dollar bill into Tom’s pocket. Mom just rolled her eyes. “I’ll just have water.” She shot a dirty glance at dad. “Some of us don’t want to risk driving home drunk Gerald, or were you going to make Jade drive you home?” “Stop!” I yelled as Tom left. “You both promised!” I had this brilliant idea for my birthday, I told my parents that I wanted to go to dinner with both of them. Since their bitter divorce this seemed like a near impossible feat but after begging and pleading for 2 months they agreed to be civil to each other for one tonight so that I could enjoy my birthday. 10 minutes in and they had already broken their promises.
They each looked guiltily into their laps and vowed to try harder but of course it didn’t last. Mom criticized dad for letting me have a glass of wine and dad said there was no harm in letting me have a sip. Dad mocked mom for ordering a salad saying “Those 50 pounds aren’t going anywhere Helen.” And my mom shot back that the steak he ordered would only boost up his cholesterol and hopefully give him a heart attack. The fighting wasn’t so bad though, I managed to drink most of the wine so that I wasn’t enjoying a pleasant buzz.
The real kicker came at the end when the bill arrived. I expected them to kick it back and forth but dad immediately deposited a fifty dollar bill claiming that our waiter could keep the change as his tip. Mom simply scoffed and pulled out a hundred dollar bill and slapped it on top of dad’s money. They continued pulling out money desperate to outdo each other until I finally intervened. “Stop it or there won’t be anything left to pay for my college!” They both got guilty looks again and scooped some of the money back into their wallets, but left enough to show that they didn’t care about tipping the waiter more than he earned in a year.
As I stood up I looked back at the small pile of money. “Tom was one lucky waiter.” I followed dad back to the car before remembering I forgot my purse. I made my way back into the restaurant and ran into none other than Tom the world’s luckiest waiter. “I can’t believe your parents tipped me so much! Tell them thank you, this is incredible! I’ll be able to pay off my college debts with this!” “Don’t mention it.” I said bending to retrieve my purse. When I stood back up Tom turned away looking quite red. He was just checking out my arse. I thought devilishly. He wasn’t so bad either. At first I thought he looked kind of dorky with his bushy dark hair and lanky form but now I realized that his curly hair hung sexily over his intense green eyes and he had muscles in his arms that were hidden by his shirt. “What time do you get out?” I asked. He looked at me quizzically. “In about an hour, why?” “No reason.” I said making sure to shake my arse as I walked away.
Still buzzing from the wine I got a delicious idea. I told dad I needed to clear my head and that I would walk home. I waited outside the restaurant until Tom got out. “Hey.” He said noticing me. “I thought you left a while ago.” He commented. “No I decided to stick around.” “Why?” “I saw you checking me out.” He turned bright red. “You didn’t think I would just let you get away with that, did you?”
At first Tom was terrified stuttering and trying to explain himself, but when I kissed him he calmed down and wrapped his arms around my waist. He pulled me close and I felt his bulge pressing into me making me groan into his mouth. He quickly led me to his car but we didn’t make it any farther. We continued kissing as we climbed in the back seat. His tongue was hungrily exploring every inch of my mouth and I was lost in the passion of it all. I started to trail kisses down his neck and I heard him groan as I started to unbuckle his pants. I wasted no times in pulling his pants and boxers down. My mouth dropped open in surprise. I know I misjudged Tom at first but I had no idea he was hiding a 9 inch c
ock from me. In one quick motion I took it in my mouth (or as much of it as I could anyway). Tom gasped in surprise and I tried to relax my throat so I could take him all the way down.
“Oh that’s so good baby. No girl has been able to take me that far down. You like it baby don’t you? Sucking on this monster c
ock.” I could only moan my approval as I used my hands to fondle his balls“. I continued taking him deeper and deeper down as he whispered dirty things to me that made me drip into my panties. Finally he grabbed a handful of hair on either side of my head and started to roughly thrust into my mouth. I felt his seed fill my mouth; it tried to swallow as much as I could while I continued to be face fvkked by this complete stranger.
The roughness he had used only made me crave him more. I tried to kiss him but he had other ideas. As soon as I lifted my head Tom ripped down the top half of my dress and started sampling my t!ts. He suckled on one n!pple while he rolled the other one between his fingers. I threaded my fingers into his hair and pulled him closer as he switched breasts. I was surprised to feel his other hand drawing circles through my panties. “Your soaking for me.” He said lifting his head for just a second before resuming the assault on my breasts. He continued to trace his fingers is teasing circles making me groan and pull him closer. He moved his head up so I could kiss him while his hand slipped inside my panties to f1nger me at the source. I groaned into his mouth and attacked his tongue with my mouth. As he continued to play with my klit between his fingers I ripped his shirt open and ran my hands over his tight abs. I shuddered when he thrust a finger inside me. I moved my head away from his and moaned. “Oh Tom!” He used this opportunity and moved quickly down until his face was just inches from my dripping sn@tch. He took a second to inhale my juices before diving right in. My hands were still locked in his hair and I pulled it to let him know he was doing very well. He was sucking lightly on my klit while I hvmped his face hoping to get him a little deeper inside me. When he gave one long swipe of his tongue from the bottom of my slit to the top I lost it.
I thrashed around for a while tweaking my n!pples while Tom continued to lick me clean. When I finally calmed down Tom lifted his head and smiled at me devilishly. “You are mighty loud.” He leaned forward and whispered in my ear. “I like it.” He kissed me fiercely and tasting myself on his mouth only made me h
ornier. “Let’s see if I can make you louder.” He said positioning himself above me. Even though I was craving him I was also scared. Aside from being long his d!ck was also pretty think. He was likely to break me apart with that thing. I looked down at his monster cock and realized that if he did kill me with that then it would be one heck of a way to go.
“I’m not going to give it to you until you beg for it.” Tom promised as he decided that my n!pples had been ignored for too long. I moaned as I pushed myself against him feeling his d!ck positioned at my entrance. He pushed it against me slightly but not enough to actually penetrate. “Please.” I moaned. Tom didn’t say anything he just nibbled my t!t. “Please put it in me.” I tried again. Again Tom didn’t say anything but he bit down harder. I thought back to the dirty talk he had used earlier and decided to pull out the big guns. “Please put your monster c
ock inside my tight wet pussy and fvk me senseless. Fvk me so hard I can’t walk straight.” Tom looked up at me looking very impressed. “How could I possibly say no?”
Tom pushed his 9 inch c
ock slowly into me, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. I bit down on his shoulder to stop from crying out. “It’s okay. It always hurts at first but it will feel real good in just a minute.” He assured me as he continued sliding in. I wasn’t a virgin but I had never had anything so big inside of me either. When he was all the way in he pulled out a little ways before slamming back in. It hurt but also felt the way sex should. He continued to do this until the pain evaporated completely. “You’re a dirty girl aren’t you?” he thrust into me making me moan. “I knew you would be. Letting a complete stranger fvk you in his car. What kind of girl does that? What would your parents say if they could see you spread out in my back seat with your legs in the air begging me to fvk you?” Another thrust harder this time. He continued to fvk me while using his dirty words to turn me on even more. “Dam your tight. I’ve never had a girl as tight as you.” He was moving faster now and I could tell her was close. I really love your pussy. I want to fvk it all day long. Even if I did I bet it wouldn’t even stretch you out because you’re so tight.” I was close to the edge spurred on by his words moaning to let him know. “I’d like to fvk your mouth too. You’ve got a nice mouth. And t!ts those are especially fvkable, but you know what I would really love to fvk that big arse of yours. I saw you shaking it at me earlier. I would bury myself ba*lls deep in there fvk your arse while I rub your little klit. And then right before I come I would pull out and spray my load all over your arse. Would you like that would you like me to fvk your arse?” I pulled Tom tighter against my body as he described how he would fvk my arse. I started screaming as I began to come. “Oh fvk I can feel you coming. I’m gonna come too!” I felt his abs tighten against my stomach. “Fvk! I’m coming inside of you.” “Keep going!” I shouted. “Fill me with your come! I want it inside me!” We continued screaming until we collapsed against each other exhausted.
After we regained our breath we started to re-dress. “How many people do you think saw us?” Tom asked as he buttoned his shirt. I shrugged. “More than ten but less than twenty.” I was about to leave when Tom grabbed my arm. “I don’t even know your name.” he said. “It’s Jade, remember it because you better fvk my arse like you promised.” He smiled at me. “You can count on it.”


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