Describe Yourself

This is gonna be a chain story, my first chain story, where the authors describe their appearance in writing format, just for shlts and giggles. Comment if you'd like to write.

Chapter 1

Me, Alea

by: 68687
Um... How do I start?

I'm tall-ish, 5'6. I weigh 60 kilograms, and I have long legs. Petite ribcage, 30E boobs. Skinny and long arms. I'm not chubby looking, unless I sit down and you look at my stomach. I have a button nose, dark brown hair, olive skin, dark brown freckles, black eyebrows. Amber eyes, sometimes a light honey brown or an almost black or a green-y brown colour. Long eyelashes.

My hair is at my belly button and has a fringe to the right, a slight wave to it too. I take care oh my hair very well, and I really like my hair. It's hydrated but gets greasy quicker than my liking. It's very thick, yet easy to manage. Shiny too.

I have a few zits here and there and my legs have a slight tan to them from when I played soccer outside.

That's me. Not the best but eh.

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