8 Things About Us

Chapter 1


i) you are the most beautiful thing that i have ever seen,
and when i told you that you used to pull a face and laugh at the statement.
"you don't call a boy beautiful,
you call him strong or handsome or breathtaking,"
and your arms would snake their way around my waist and i'd laugh and accept your point;
but you are still the most beautiful thing that i have ever seen,
you are more beautiful than the bloody sky outside my bedroom window
and you are more beautiful than even sins.

ii) a few years ago you started talking about me in the past tense.
i got worried and asked why;
but you only told me it made me look more romantic that way,
as though i were something he has lost and still looked for in vain.

iii) most people think that the day we are born we begin to die;
but the day i began to die was the day you kissed me for the first time in our oh-so-long history.

iv) you never used to write, because you were inflicted with duties leaving you no time for such luxuries;
but the stories i heard you whisper to your dying mother confirmed my suspicions that
in your ribcage, you hold words that most poets will break their hearts for.

v) i have never and will never believe you
when you cry to me breathlessly that i deserve hands
that could touch me better than yours.

vi) for some reason which i cannot figure out,
you always managed to turn the way i held you
into an apology.

vii) all the soft places i used to hold in my mind
are congealed with tears.

viii) my lungs are rotting because i used to keep your name there.


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