Entitled War

Chapter 1

Entitled War

Everyone knows,
Love is overrated and,
Love is too good to be true,
And love is what we need.

Isn't it ironic how,
Sometimes love hurts?

Only sometimes though,
Verses of poetry win,
Everything and everyone,
Right before your eyes.

Maybe sometime, you'll remember who I was,
Everyone that did it for you.

Please don't forget me,
Underneath it all,
Love is controlling and,
Love, it's a curse.

You don't need me,
Or my stupid thoughts,
Underneath I'm different,
Right and left are different,
So different from me,
Even I have my sides,
Love has its sides too,
Fúcking and hugging, my two sides.

Together we are stronger,
Oh wait no,
Going somewhere,
Everyone is.
The water is warm,
Her heart is warmer,
Even in the winter it,
Royally burns my heart.

And even though we're over,
Love will fix this,
Even though we're over,
Xander the not so Great exists.


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