Making this for friends, people that are just amazing , and myself because I'm super stressed and need to tell my all peeps how awesome they are.

Chapter 1


Let me just start off that I love all of you guys on here, and no matter how stressed I appear ( often ), I will never hate you no matter what you do. Love all you guys, whether your not one of my main peeps or you are one of my main peeps. (Isaiah) - I have so much to say to you, but I'm gunna try to make this less than an entire page. I don't even remember how we started talking, but I can't even find the scrolling thing any more! XD. You are amazing and when I saw your username I new that we would be sweet friends. Your funny, sweet, smart, a grammar Nazi ;) , and a funny bunny buddy. Its really cool to hear what's going on in Cali and the amazing stuff you do. We have a lot in common except for minor things and I would love to meet you in RL. Everyone needs a friend like you :) (Former BurningRed, Couldntstayaway) - We are amazing together, talking about the randomest things and you are always really sweet and fun to talk too. We rarely ran out of things to say, now for example XD, and you are like my internet BBF(Bestest Best Friend)! I didn't know I could run out of letter/characters on messages! As I remember, You are amazing at creating sport broadcasts and I would totally back you up in becoming one or anything hard that came your way. And though sometimes we disagreed on which baseball team was the best, * cough * PIRATES * cough cough * we would always settle out in the end. You are the awesomest person and if you leave again it will never be the same. I can count on you for anything and talk you about anything, thank you :) (Apple jax) - I honestly never expected a few words could turn into sending ENTIRE PARAGRAPHS to each other, even more surprising we have 3 completely different messages going! I did not expect that I could have so much in common with one person!!! I could say so much but just let me start off that you are totally awesome, hilarious, and fun to talk too. Your really sweet and we have some of the weirdest and funniest conversations possible. Even if we don't agree on certain minor things * cough * Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy * cough * ( really need to get that cough check out) You are totally awesome XD I am also very sorry I haven't replied in a ... rather long time, but I'm trying to get to it when I get the chance. I really wish we could save drafts for messages. (Arrow) - MY SOCCER BUDDY!!! WHOO!!!! ;) . Your slightly shy, but really fun to talk too! Her very name should translate to - insane daredevil. Arrow, you are extremely outgoing and one of the toughest goalies I have ever met ( team up with Isaiah ^ He's a goalie too ) I was bewildered to suddenly become a physic from one of the first messages I sent to you. Your so sweet and kind you should be made into one of those Littlest Pet Shops! :D ( that probably sounded weird but oh well). Your really nice and fun to play with when your bewildered at the randomness things I say, as if portals of sleep and bubble wrap were the everyday thing! Don't care, ever, love ya dude waves (Elaina,Tweety) - Oh my gods, well let me just start off that you have done some pretty insane stuff ;) I would have never expected what you did, never. Well anyway, you are really sweet and fun to talk too. I don't know all that much about you but I know that we're gunna be great friends XD (Sassy) - I litterly just started messaging you today and let me tell you, YOU ARE AMAZING. I am totally jealous that you travel the world and completely amazed that you do. I can hold a conversation with you, something I can do with only certain people, and hope we can keep having conversations. I hope we stay friends, good day :) (Sean)- You are really sweet and fun to talk too. You come up with many things that I have never even heard of, and are greatly surprised at that. I have never been able to hold an entire conversation about guns and shooting for so long. I hope we continue talking and I am really sorry for messaging delays :( (Hayato) - WELL! Your fun to talk to and I am completely amazed at your accomplishment of shooting A 19 POINTER!!! :D Like holy crap man. We've had some sweet conversations on Lunch food and the New Years celebration - Miley Cyrus. We NEED to talk more often and I hope to become greater friends with you in the future

There will be much more shout-outs in the next chapter/chapters cause I'm not even close to being done shouting out XD

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