Our Time

This story is about a pair of friends who go to Ohio State University and get to live out their dream of being on the football team. This story is fiction.

Chapter 1

We See The BIg Man

by: Acrolic
"Nice catch!" I yelled, from the other side of the field. I had just thrown Chip, my best friend, an eighty yard pass, and he had caught it. It was the hottest day of the year, and as much as we were sweating, we still wanted to keep playing. Chip and I are twenty years old, so we are out of school, and we have decided to start college this oncoming year. We both are excited about where we're going, Ohio State University. The reason we're so excited is because their football team is REALLY good. Chip and I were hoping that both of us would be able to make the football team. That's why we practiced almost every single day. Well, one day when we were practicing, I saw a man come in through the gate, and I recognized him as soon as I saw him. Chip was staring at the man too, and I could tell he recognized the man too. Standing inside our stadium, was the Ohio State Buckeyes Head Coach.

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