Random Repost

Well here it is

Chapter 1

the random repost

This or That
Morning person or night owl?: In the middle
Romance or horror?: movie wise? Erm Horror
Summer or winter?: summer
Fruit or vegetables?: Fruit
Pencil or pen?: I can’t write with a pen XD...pencil
Odd or even numbers?: Odd numbers :3
Birthday or Christmas?: Christmas
Dog or cat?: Dogs!…I just wove them soooo very much X3
Twilight or Harry Potter?: I’m sorry but Twilight
Blonde or Brunette?: Brunette
Coke or Pepsi?: coke
Chocolate or Vanilla?: Chocolate
Left or Right?: Left
Rain or sun?: Sun

Would you Rather...
Be blind or be deaf?: Deaf
Sing or dance?: -_- Neither but If I have to choose dance….
Die or kiss Justin Bieber?: Die!
Not be able to eat or not be able to drink?: not be able to eat
Be married and have no kids or have no kids and be married?: da fuq O.O um..
Get your head chopped off or get shot multiple times in the head?: Shot multiple times
Watch Elmo or watch Dora?: I would rather die than watch Dora so.. Elmo
Murder or be murdered?: Murder
Lose your friends or lose your family?: lose.. um friends

Random Questions!
What is your favorite color?: Orange
How many siblings do you have?: 3
When's your birthday?: February 23rd
What was your best ever Halloween costume?: Witch
Who was your first celebrity crush?: Taylor Lautner
Who's your current celebrity crush?: I don’t have one
Do you smile or frown more?: smile
How hungry are you right now?: not very but I guess I could eat
How often do you brush your teeth?: 2 times a day
What's your favorite movie?: Insidious
Do you like total randomness?: yesh
Do you like One Direction?: Yes a little
Do you like Taylor Swift?: HELLA NO
What was the best Christmas present you ever got?: Video game
What are you doing at this moment?: NOT eating Nutella pssh…0-0
What did you eat today?: a cheese stick and Nutella
What time was it when you woke up?: 12:00 pm….
Do you sing in the shower?: maybe…

Right now you are...
Wearing: clothes
Doing: nothing
Eating: Nutella
Listening to: Eminem
Watching: the screen
Touching: a spoon
Smelling: nothing
Holding: a spoon
Saying: words

List 5 facts about yourself:
1. I wear glasses
2. I like anime
3. I wove Gir
4. I like to play video games =D
5. I have a dog named Gypsy


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