Like Heaven Without Angels

Chapter 1


Stuck In a room oh so wide
Although it would be the best place, I cannot hide.
Why do I feel so out in the open when I am completely closed off?
Why do I feel like I should be beating down the walls?
But why am I not, because I am not strong
I am weak I am frail and im stuck here
I feel around the room but nothing is there
Not a chair not a window not a door
Not even a knot in the wood on the floor
My demons locked me here because I owe them debt
For all the wrongdoing, I lost my bet
My bet with Satan, I sold my soul
Now I feel like I'm stuck in the hole, I am lost
Lost like Alice without a Wonderland
Like heaven without angels
Oh what a sight that would be
Like heaven without angels.....but I wouldn't know
God had to let me go, I am unsalvageable
The brutal world got me, snapped my neck and forgot me
Oh the cold wind blows, but where it goes no one knows
Where it comes from I can't figure, worse than algebra
I was never good at it anyways
Maybe this room isn't real......maybe it's all in my head
Maybe oh maybe....Im just in bed
Dreaming a dream I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy
It's like heaven without angels
A pure monstrosity


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