look, i know your in pain. the truth is, everyone has there ups and downs but if you need help and i mean you cant think of anyone else to go to, or you feel like you just cant take life itself need to read this. might even save a life and if i can stop just one person from pulling the trigger, or jumping of the edge than think of what you can do to. please this is very important you need to read this.

Chapter 1

your not alone.

look, i know life is a struggle. but there are things that are going to happen. girls - you look in the mirror and think, "i wonder what its like to be the girl who every guy wants." well you know what? them girls stuff there bras, wear ten tons of makeup, wear disgusting clothes, and practically are fake! think. you may wear....what, lip gloss, and a bit of blush, or eye shadow, some eye liner, or whatever the makeup be but you don't pile it one, and some of you don't wear it period. i myself only wear makeup once in a blue moon but unlike the girls that get almost any guy they freaking want, your the one that's more beautiful then them! HECK IF THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL THEN WHY DO THEY NEED ALL THAT CRAP ON ANYWAY!! BE YOURSELF!! prove to them your stronger stop trying to change yourself for them! and you should listen to me! i hate how i look, I'm five foot four and weigh almost 200 pounds. i went to school crying when i found out and my friend Jake just laughed and put his arms around me and said, "are you sure you look to skinny." i wanted to change so much that i cut my hair. i had my hair how i loved it, long and dark brown. i cut it to the hair style most men have!! and i got bullied for it. i have thought about taking my life i admit it but you know what stops me? i know that they would win. they would have the nice feelings of knowing they won. I'm 13 years old, and i have to struggle everyday. but i have to fight it. and so do you! you can do this, your not just a worthless piece of crap!
and guys! all the guys that thinks there so good, because they have muscles, they have looks, the have girls, they are jocks, so freaking what? do you really think you want to be like them? you can ask any girl, sure they may look good, but they care only about sleeping with girls and themselves. you don't need to put a needle in your arm to get muscles so you can be like them. be yourself! do you really want to be the bully? to be with the people that take a small girl and push her down. or take maybe an over weight girl, and shove food down her throat. the ones who take a boy that's just trying to get to class and bets shoved into a locker. if you don't like it don't do it to others. them guys are horrible people just like the girls. not all of them of course but i bet you 99% of them are!!!
you guys are so much more then what people say you are. but if you have the strength to just stand up and look at them, and say back the h**l off, then your already stronger.
im in the 8th grade. on the way home one time i was sitting on the bus listening to music and reading, when i broken pencil hit me in the head. i paused the song and looked at my friend i was sitting by and she pointed to the back. i looked back to see a girl and her older sister laughing at me. i turned back around when a coin hit me. i shut my music off and put my iPod down and went back to where they were and told them to stop. the one girl said shut up and go back to your seat before i punch you in the face. i smiled and told her, go ahead. i dare you. me not doing anything back, is already showing how much stronger i am then you. and i got up and sat back down. they didn't throw anything anymore.
we need to stand up to them! we cant just let them feel as if they are winning, adults say sticks and stones may bake your bones, but words can never hurt you. but the truth is, most people would rather the sticks and stones! the most hurtful thing a person can do is just say a hurtful sentence. it leads people to hurry they're own death! people are afraid to go to school, and the teachers just expect us to get good grades. how?
people treat bulling like its a second hand thing. but its one of the most important things to life right now, and no on seems to even try to care. they give excuses saying ignore them, or tell a teacher. teachers never help! ignoring them makes it worse! people need to start to stand up to them.
on fathers day a boy was at a locker in my school. they started asking each other what they were getting there dad. they asked the boy who as at his locker and he told them flowers. he looked like he was going to say more but they cut him off by laughing and saying, "flowers? what id your dad gay?" and walked away. i went over to him to see if he was okay but he ignored me and walked away. later that day, as my bus was going home, we were passing the graveyard. and we saw the boy, laying three blue roses on his fathers grave crying. i broke out in tears.
this stuff is a problem in America that know one seems to care about. and i find it as bull. people say things before they even know they're back round and its not right.
if you have been or have seen bullying comment what happened below and ill take the story, and your name and put it into another story for Quibblo. and if anyone and i mean anyone needs to talk to me about bullying or needs help, ill be there to talk.

thank you.


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