you should have looked

you should have looked

just a little horror story I made up :) WARNING: NOT FOR THE SENSITIVE OR EASILY SCARED!!!! !!!!!

Chapter 1


as i drove home from work the sky seemed to be growing warmer and warmer. it was going to rain so i figured it was just the humidity of course and i turned the air in my car on.
when i got to my house, I pulled into my driveway and sat in the cool air for a bit until i shut it off and went inside.
my house is just a little one story house, and we live near the small lake and forestry around it. my wife, Samantha was the one who chose the house. she said it reminded her of home so i figured that as long as she was happy, i would be to. its almost like a little red brick house with a nice porch and a couple steps to climb. and because of Samantha's love of plants, there was fire bushes, and flowers all over the yard in pots and in the yard. and her bird feeders were just about everywhere she can get them.
after i got into the house, the smell of onions, and cooking chicken over whelmed me.
the inside off the house was simple. just a nice comfortable living room, a bathroom, master bedroom, dining room, kitchen and two spare rooms we had for the dog, and one just to lay some spare items in.
i entered the kitchen to see Samantha chopping up onions, while the chicken sizzled away in the frying pan. i smiled and came up to her, wrapping my arms around her. she smiled and continued to chop.
Samantha was short compared to me, about five foot three, and she had soft curling black hair. she was thin and pail and her eyes were the most beautiful shade of blue you can ever imagine. her face was skinny, and she had dimples when she smiled.
"I'm going to go get comfortable. okay sweaty?" i said.
Samantha smiled.
"Don't take to long. I'm making your favorite. chicken, with noodles, and gravy." she said.
i laughed and kissed her cheek.
"you know me so well." i said.
i went into the bedroom where the dog was laying on the bed asleep. i looked into the mirror, taking my tie off.once i finally dressed into a comfortable pair of boxers i went back out to the kitchen.
I'm about six foot five. i try to fit in as much work out time as i can, so i have some of a masculine build. my hair is short, and wavy, and i don't really do anything but wash it so you could say I'm a bed head. i only shave about once every two weeks so i have stubble. my eyes are blue, like my wife's, but they will never be such a beautiful shade as hers.

after Samantha and i finished eating, she went into our room and started undressing for the night, when i came over, and softly kissed her neck. she giggled and turned around wearing nothing but her underwear. i pulled her onto the be as she slid her hand under my shirt and pulled it off, and i undid her bra hook. she smiled at me and said, "i love you more then you can ever imagine, Nick."
i smiled and kissed her deeply.
"i love you more." i said, pulling her closer, as i made love to my beautiful Samantha.

later as i woke up from sleeping, i smiled, and grabbed Samantha closer to me. i felt something drip onto my face. i moaned, suspecting it was just the dog's drool. i heard the door of the closet slam, and i shot up and looked. there seemed to be nothing wrong, so i laid back down, holding Sam again.
another drop fell on my face. i told the dog to lay down, when two more drops fell on my face. i ignored them, falling back to sleep.

in the morning, i smiled and squeezed Samantha. all of u sudden, three drops fell on my face. i wiped my cheek with my hand and looked down at my fingers. red was smeared onto them. my heart skipped a beat as i hesitated to look up. as i did, i screamed at the horrific sight that was above me.
my dear, dear Samantha was nailed onto the ceiling over my head, her mouth open in scream, her beautiful blue eyes wider then i ever thought could be humanly possible.her curled black hair fell around her cheeks, as blood dripped down from her curls. blood slowly dripped from her lip, onto mine as i cried. her stomach had been stabbed and her leg curled into a painful position. right next to her on the ceiling, written in her blood, was "you should have looked up."
horrified, i remembered that i had been holding ad squeezing something in my sleep. i turned to my side and took the blanket off of the creature beside me. there lied the dog, slaughtered next to me. i turned over the bed, vomiting.
last, i remembered the slamming of the closet door. i got up and ran towards it to see a note, with bloodied fingerprints all over it. on it, read:
you should have investigated more. right now, you should turn around."
i did, terrified of what i might find, only to see a blood stained knife, lunging towards me.


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