First Letter of your name challenge thingy

Try it

Chapter 1


1. What is your name: Chante’

2. A four letter word: Cute

3. A boy's name: Chad

4. A girl's name: Christina

5. An occupation: Cler

6. A colour: camouflage

7. Something you wear: curlers

9. A food: chicken

10. Something found in the bathroom: curling iron

11. A place: Chicago

12. A reason for being late: curling your hair

13. Something you shout: Coffee time!!

14. A movie title: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

15. Something you drink: Coke

16. A musical group/band: erm ….the……….Coolbeans bands …oh yes!!! I got this!!

17. An animal: Cheeta

18. A street name: California st.

19. A type of car: Chevrolet

20. The title of a song: Candy shop ;)LOL


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