Escapees (An Original Group Story)


In 2060, five teenagers try to escape from their abusive captors, a group named D.E.L.T.A. But to do this they'll have to embark on an almost impossible journey, or else they, and their fellow 'recruits' are turned into wild animals.

Chapter 1

Character Info

By: Me
Name: Jasper Kingsway

Age (13-19): 16

Skills: Archery & was trained in hunting by D.E.L.T.A.

Personality: Quite quiet, calm and collected. He hates fights, but can handle himself in small battles. Very intelligent, but also quite oblivious of threats.

Appearance: Messy chestnut brown hair and stormy grey eyes. He is lean, non-muscular and is 5'10. Has burn wounds, scars and a giant tatooed D on his back, all done by D.E.L.T.A.

Weaknesses: Cannot swim well, sucks at swordplay and is too loyal.

History: He grew up in The Snowy Eastlands, or what they used to call Minnesota, and lived with his mom, sister and father. D.E.L.T.A kidnapped him at the young age of 13, sending him to their main camp in the outskirts of New Carolina. They trained him, but tortured him, saying that he'd be a good 'pet'. He's always waited for other recruits to help him end this groups plans.

By: DemonKitty

Name: Alice Barlz

Age: 16

Skills: good at figuring situations out immediately, can talk her way out of almost anything (but this comes after she's been tortured by D.E.L.T.A) she is an amazing swimmer and does her best fighting in the water, and she can speed read

Personality: tough, hard to get a smile from her, used to love to laugh, prankster, sly, sarcastic (not always though), loyal, and sort of friendly.

Appearance: medium height, curvy, beautiful, skinny (almost too skinny), wears a black t shirt that is tattered in the back because one of her main tortures is being whipped and a pair of skinny jeans which are covered in mud and grime, and she's covered in scars like most the prisoners in D.E.L.T.A, she has the L tattooed on her neck.

Weakness: doesn't like accepting other people help, wakes up screaming at night from torturing nightmares, not very good in combat unless in the water.

History: she was taken from her home in the small state of Missouri when she was 13,
she didn't fight D.E.L.T.A to hard when they took her because she didn't want them to hurt her family, she was beaten regularly for at least 6 hours everyday in a various of ways, but their favorite was to whip her until her back swelled up and blood splattered everywhere.

By: AnotherStory98

Name: Annabelle "Anna" Watson

Age: 14

Skills: Herbs (knows most of their uses), acute sense of hearing (not as good as animals, but better than most humans), was trained to assemble and make weapons by D.E.L.T.A and quite good at gun shooting although not that well.

Personality: A bit gullible (not to an annoying extent), sensitive, kind, conservative, paranoid, brave.

Appearance: She's an average height girl with short, wavy light blonde hair, cloudy blue eyes and fair skinned. Underweight as D.E.L.T.A underfed her and the kids there. Has lots of scars all over her body, the ones on her arms represent the number of days she's been there, whilst the others are because of the tortures she went through. Also has the letter 'A' tattooed on her shoulder representing the 'A' in D.E.L.T.A.

Weakness: Scared of being alone, too sensitive and paranoid, weak, cannot climb.

History: Anna before she was recruited was very different than the current Anna. She was strong, cheerful and really sweet.
They recognized her talents for assembling parts and immediately went after her in North East of England. They took her to the main camp and train her in making weapons and machinery. She was one of the best in the centre, and they keep on coming after her, torturing her, as they said, to keep her obedient. After 4 years, she grows tired of the endless torturing and always plan to run away.

By: Dramione_Zutara

Name: Francesca Castro


Skills: karate, guns, and healing

Personality: defensive, secretive, likes being in control. hyper, sweet, creative, doesn't care what others think and doesn't trust anyone

Appearance: short, underweight, dark brown hair that she wears in a ponytail, almond dark brown eyes, olive skin and freckles. tiny bones. Has the D.E.L.T.A. E tatooed on her neck.

Weaknesses: she can't trust anyone and can't stand lectures

History: She can't remember her family because she was taken from them when 5 yrs old, was beaten and has a huge scar running down her back. She tried to kill her guards and was starved for a month because of it. Almost went insane. She needs to escape or she will mentally break down, and she has a secret.


Name: Vivian Quarrie

Age: 15

Skills: very athletic, flexible, and strong so she mostly is skilled in hand-hand combat.

Personality: impulsive, rebellious and short tempered at times, independent, tactical, clever, a lioness at heart

Appearance: A little below average height, slim but very athletic, long straight ebony hair that reaches the small of her back, bright green eyes, ski-slope nose, very beautiful. She has a T tattoo on her shoulder blade.

Weaknesses: when someone becomes important to her they become her weakness and hold her back, she becomes protective of them and everything begins to revolve around them. Luckily she is independent and refuses most people's help and care now.

History: She was taken away by D.E.L.T.A when she was 14, she loved her family so much she began to attack the D.E.L.T.A people who took her, they loved her ferocity but had to wipe her memory too keep her, otherwise they would've had to kill her.

To all writers: Be descriptive in your chapters!
A/N: Next chapter will start the story.

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