Who's famous on quibblo? Nominating Due January 3rd

Chapter 1

The idea

by: Cam12
So I don't have the answer, we'll not yet. I have thought of an idea, but it does have to do with popularity. This test has three stages but little work. The first step is naming people who we think our popular on this site.

I am now asking the people of quibblo to name quibbloians for the top 20 to 50 list. I will have people send me names of any quibbloians they want to see in the list. Once we have a good number of nominees I will send at a giant poll with every name mentioned to me.

This poll will be the voting center for the contest, of course it ends up being a popularity contest. But that is what famous is, popularity. In the end I will make a list of the famous quibbloians with there profile link in order.

If you think this is a good idea, please repost and get as many people involves as possible. This list will change, I will update date it probably every half year, or quarter year. I don't know yet.

So lets get this started. Please message me with your nominees and lets get tho thing started.

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