Michael Alexander~

Chapter 1


by: Satanist
December 28th, 2014
Leah went missing. Would no one listen to me? I knew where she was. And i knew what her thought process was. I was a 13 year old suicidal teenager at one point in my life too guys. Shes in my territory. LISTEN TO ME!

The weather warm summer weather caressed my face. I leaned against the metal railing, and smiled down at the still water. Not much farther along, Niagara Falls roared. I stared out. Until i felt something just below my belly button. A butterfly dancing. I backed up, confused. It did it again. I just felt my baby move for the first time. i put my hand to my stomach and smiled. Rayvenn Summer Rayn.
2010, 36 weeks later.
I leaned against the same cold railing, bloody, disfigured, and a mess. I was a wreck. I had just lost my babygirl. And the worst part? The hospital wouldnt even accept me, because i was only 13. I watched the blood trails glisten along the path. I had come here after they wouldnt take me. And she died. I was two weeks away from being able to hold my babygirl. My little Ray of sunshine. And a group of guys beat me up. Because i was 13, pregnant, and alone. And i lost my baby.....
I pressed myself against the same rail she made her first movements to push me away from. I lifted myself over, no one was watching, no one was caring. I looked back, waved at a passerby, who gave me a dirty look. I looked down at the water. And lifted my foot..

And i fell.

i hit the water with a splash, i had to fight not to struggle. The waters cold bit into my flesh, throwing me into a paralysis. But mentally? I was aware of everything....i laid back.

I floated, and the water closed in around me, my chest felt heavy.

I was drowning.

Until i felt something pull at me. Something had caught my hood, and was pulling me....away from falls. Away from death.

I couldnt struggle, i couldnt scream, i couldnt even say no. But i wanted to. I wanted to die...to be with my little girl...

My resurfaced, and came to, into the arms of my bigbrother. He reeked of blue next cigarettes, vodka, pill residue, s*x, and sweat. I curled against his heartbeat. He was wearing his Riddlebox hoodie.

December 28th 2014
I leaned against the same railing. In 20 minutes, it was my year mark of my last attempt. I would have died if it wasnt for my fiance.
I leaned, and looked down... and my stomach fluttered. I broke down, and i cried.

I am ten weeks pregnant as of December 28th. With a boy, who i am naming Michael Alexander French. He has my fiances last name

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