Apple Seeds

Jed & Luke are the best of friends, perfect reflections of opposites, who share a strong friendship, until Jed creates something he shouldn't: Life, Humans and the World.
With the Creation of Earth tearing them apart, Humanity faces great triumphs and defeats, but is it really about the Humans? Or is it something only Death can solve?

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
Jed and Luke had been friend since the day they were born. They were never apart, and if they were, it wasn't for long. The pair were reflections of each other, different.
Jed was shy, kind and always caring towards others. Luke was out-going, fearless and secretly caring of others. It was a positive reflection of the other.


Luke looked at the sphere Jed was rolling around. It seemed too perfect compared to the other 8 'planets'. Ever single one was blank of existence so they could play with them, until they were old enough to create and take on responsibilities that go with.

"What's so special about that one, Jed?"
Jed smiled up at him. "It is in the perfect spot."
"Perfect spot, huh?" he smiled. "Why?"
"There is not too much sun, there is water and an atmosphere!"
"They all have an atmosphere!"

Jeds' smile became shy, his eyes sparkling. Luke enjoyed making his friend coy. Jed put the 'perfect planet' back in its' place, before standing & helping Luke up. The pair retired for the night, sleeping close by each other, much to Lukes' disappointment.

"Why not sleep with me?" he whined, playfully. "You never do anymore~"
Jed blushed & smiled. "Well, I did not know you wished to sleep with me."

Jed tiptoed over & snuggled up in the blankets beside his friend. Luke, feeling more at ease, began to fall asleep. It wasn't very long before they both were asleep. It's all so perfect here... Luke smiled in his sleep, his dreams roaring with fun & mischief.


"Watch out, Luke!!"

It was too late by the time Luke heard Jeds' shout; he'd sent the 'Perfect planet' tumbling from it's place, crashing into it's neighbours & the floor. Jed was slightly saddened, but put it back quickly, hoping.

"I-I'm sorry, Jed! Is it okay?!"
Jed nodded, smiling reassuringly. "It is fine. To be honest, it has quite a pretty funny shape now!"

They both marvelled & laughed about the incident. Luke looked at Jed & noticed something he'd never seen before: a spark of love.

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