Away From My Mind - Original Group Story

Group story with aleamellark, cookiemonster617, and readerlover. Here's the link to the character info:

Chapter 1

One Year Earlier - Delilah

"What are you doing home?" I was greeted by the stern voice of Harold. He had a sort of panicked look on his face. I rolled my eyes, "It's three thirty."

Harold was my mom's husband. My step father. It was like each person my mom brought into this house had a horrible intention. My mom's boyfriend had only dated her for our money. I eventually let my wall down and stopped that. Then the next one -- who she had married -- took everything from my mom, then ran. No one would treat her right, not even Harold. Especially not Harold. I felt it. I knew he was no good.

"Oh." He said, "Karrie! Delilah's home!" Harry said it as if he was surprised that I had come to my house after I was done with school.

Karrie came down the stairs with a smile on her face. "Hey Delilah. I actually need help with something . . . Miss Cambridge is coming over in about an hour, and I need to clean up the kitchen. Look at this mess you've left." She nodded her head toward the piles of paper and crafts on the kitchen counter. "Oh, alright. But I've got to change first." I ran up the stairs to my room before she could protest.

My school was a private school, and every day I got into the same boring uniform. A pleated skirt with a white blouse. Every single day of my life. It was the price to pay for a good education and a 'nice' student body. My hair had been tortured, as of any other day at school, and my face was pale and bleak. My school had banned makeup ever since Mandi Pine. Although most of us sneaked some concealer. That was all that could pass.

"Delilah! Hurry up! Miss Cambridge will be here soon!" Another warning call. Time to go clean up. I ran downstairs quickly, finding my father writing something down. The temptation arose. I wanted to read him. I wanted to hear his thoughts. Just this once. Karrie's words ran through my head. Privacy, Delilah. Privacy.

I gulped, then walked towards the counter without another thought. Privacy. That's right.

I threw away the disaster that had been my school project. Eventually I had given up. It didn't look like a solar system. Not at all. I'd fail this assignment, like a lot of her schoolwork. It wasn't much trouble, getting bad grades. I wasn't going to college, anyways. I couldn't. Not with my . . . condition.

I was deep in thought. So deep that my wall had been lifted. Or it had fallen. Either one. But it didn't matter now. Harry's thoughts flooded into my mind. It will be a surprise. They won't suspect anything. I'll murder them.

The things I held in my hand dropped to the ground. He turned to me and I stared in horror. He was a murderer. And he knew that I knew it. "Mom! Mom!" I yelled hurriedly. He glared at me and started to run towards me. "Mom!" I yelled louder.

She flew down the stairs in a rush, seeing Harry walking towards me with an angry look on his face, "Harry, dear, is everything o---"

"Mom, run! We need to go, now!" I sprinted towards the door, grabbing my backpack and my mom's purse. "Come on! You need to trust me, mom!" She stared in fright, then ran up the stairs. "Mom?!"

Harold went for her first. He ran up the stairs, after my mom. "No! Leave her alone!" I yelled, running after them. My mom had a bag with her at the top of the stairs. Harold blocked the pathway, put my mom pushed out of the way, knocking him against the wall. I grabbed her hand and we ran for the door. She closed it behind us and locked it.

And we were running. Running from the man Karrie had trusted.

A rush of anger came over me. The same feeling I got after each of my mom's lovers ditched her. The anger that pushed me to protect my mom. And no one wanted to know my anger. Not even Harold.

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