The Test-tube Children

Chapter 1


In 3106, scientists came across children with exceptional abilities. Things more commonly called, super-powers. They began creating children in their labs, growing them in large cylinders where they stayed suspended in liquid for a period of up to 2 years. They would then analyze them, testing them, seeing if their injections had created super-humans. Most failed but every so often, a child would have better smell, sight, speed, strength, etc. than other children. All the children who were not special in some form were killed, after all, they had no use for them.

These super-children were given numbers instead of names, the stronger they were the high the letter. The weakest would be A-0, the strongest would be Z-100. These children would then be divided into sections of the institute in which they lived. A section for each talent and one section for children with more than one super-human characteristic.

These children don't know what 'love' is. They don't have parents or siblings or aunts or uncles. They only know they are, they exist. Every night, the scientists and workers and maids and nurses go home to their families while these children go to their cold, lonely rooms and go to sleep. They know nothing else. They live to be tested on. They are all underweight because they have no desire to eat, no force that propels them forward in life. They are more alone than you can imagine. They weren't taught to be friends, to play games to keep the boredom away, to sing, to dance, to do anything. They teach themselves or they do not know.

Occasionally though, they become too wise. They rebel and team up against the scientists. Then, they must either be contained or eliminated. So far, there's been no complications in the system. But, what are these children to do, since they will be killed at 18 anyways. Shouldn't they at least have a chance at life?

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