Confessions friend dared me. Here goes....

Chapter 1

I confess that I...

by: PMPW
1- Have a crush on Marshall Lee. Yes, THE Marshall Lee. The vampire who is sadly taken by Fionna the Human.
2- Put the dead flies in my friend's lunchbox. (I thought it was that popular girl I hate so much).
3- I don't like Miley anymore but I love Wrecking Ball. Not the video.
4- I felt a lump in my throat when Marshall Lee pretended to die, and started to cry with Fionna.
5- Songs I related to: Numb by Linkin Park, The Climb by Miley, I Can't be Tamed by Miley
6- I have a NASTY temper.
7- I love writing.
8- I always pray every night. What do I pray for? I would wake up in the morning as a vampire
9- I dreamt about Daffy Duck last night. Weird.
10- I wanna live in a house with a stable fulled with black stallions and a huge library.


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