The Hunger Games (A fan-fic)

So this is a fan-fic of the Hunger Games! This story is about a girl named Shade from District 4. The story starts out when she is about to start the 77th Hunger Games! Please comment and rate on what you think!

Chapter 1

The Games

My eyes search the arena. It's a rain forest. There's trees and vines and the cornucopia is surrounded with plants. My heart is beating so fast and my breath is quick. I glance at the numbers on the clock slowly ticking away until the gong will sound and the 77th Hunger Games will begin. 5.... 4.... 3..... 2.... 1! "Let the 77th Hunger Games begin!

I'm running at full speed my eyes jolting around to find something that can help me survive. I have no idea if I'm going to be with the Careers. They stay together and hunt down the weak until they turn on each other. I knew this day was coming. I knew one day I would be in a fight to the death with 24 other boys and girls in a deadly arena. Something catches my eye. A golden bow and arrow. It's not far from my reach! I decide to go for it, my breath steady and my eyes fixed on the weapon. I bolt for the trees though I see a spear about to be thrown at my head.

It's the girl from District 10. I've seen her in training and she is well-trained with a spear. I'm her next target. I dodge just in time and then reach out my hand and catch the spear. I catch my breath and I'm running through the trees, cutting off vines that are in my way. I know what I'm looking for: water. There should be a swamp nearby. I'm not sure I'll find anything else.

BOOM! It's the cannon. BOOM! Something pulls at my feet. I twist and manage to turn my head to see that vines are wrapping around my feet. I try to break free though it only makes them pull harder. I reach for my spear but it's out of my reach. I try to pull harder though it only makes the vines get tighter and tighter.

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