Escape - Original Group Story

Escape - Original Group Story

World War 3. 1/3 of the earth's population, dead. In America they take the oldest child from each home, and they train them. They train them to slaughter. To kill. To be monsters. To fight in the war.
Lacey, Nathan, Ashira, Oliver, Vince, and Rune break free, but only to wind up in themselves in even more danger.

Written by XXjojoleebrobroXX, Chica_On_Fire, Light_In_Life, AnotherStory98, SinnedTragedy, and ALittleInsane.

Chapter 1

{Lacey} - My name is Lacey Grammer, and I'm not a murderer.

The stench of gunpowder smoke, and explosions reeked the air, as I pried myself out of bed. I looked out my bedroom window. Houses and houses, torn apart. Ripped apart. For miles and miles. What once was a happy neighborhood, now is nothing but destruction from world war 3. I quickly escaped my memories, and walked down the hall, towards the bathroom. I closed the door behind me, and put my long black hair in a ponytail and I brushed my teeth. I decided to skip breakfast. With what was going on, I wasn't eating right anyway. After I finished brushing my teeth, I took a quick glance at the mirror. My light grey eyes staring back at me. My pale skin, cheeks turning a light shade of pink from the cold. It was freezing, although it was the day before Christmas. I suspected my brother downstairs, giving breakfast to my little sister. He was 12 and she was 5.

I went back to my room, threw on a pair of jeans, a shirt that advertised a book series that I lacked interest in, some black and white converse, and I walked downstairs. My brother was reading to my little sister. I couldn't help but smile.
"Peter." I called. He looked up with his face smiling. His big glasses, falling off his face smallish face. His big dimples dented into his cheek . " Yeah Lacey?"
"I want you to take Maddy, and go down to the basement." I told him. "There going to do the Caption Call."
"Caption Call?" He asked confused. He didn't know what that was even though I've told him 1000 times already.
"They're taking me, remember?" I tried to say as fragile as I could without showing my anger towards the government for this. I don't think it worked, because he sighed in irritation.
"Please don't go. Hide with us. You can-" Peter was interrupted by a rude knock on the door. It was a loud bang. I knew it was the police coming to take me to training.
"Go, now!" I demanded.
"Come on maddy." Peter said, his voice breaking. I could tell he was going to cry. I ran to them before they went down to the basement, and I hugged them tightly. "Stay Safe." I whispered to Peter.
"Please, don't go." He whispered back.

As soon as they closed the basement door, the police kicked the front door down, and pointed a gun at my face. I lifted up my hands. Fear wasn't even close to what I was feeling.
"Why didn't you answer the door the first time we knocked?" The man holding the gun asked strictly. There were three of them.
"I-I I was scared." I answered, quietly than what I had expected.
"The other man looked around. Then he asked "Where are your parents?" He wasn't as strict as the first man was.
"My dad is in the war." I told him.
" And your mother?" I looked towards the floor. I could feel the tears filling my eyes, but I blinked them back, looked up and said "She died last year when a bomb fell on her. From this war." They looked at each other and looked back at me.
"Who takes care of you?"
"My aunt." I replied. I was a wonderful liar.
"Where is she at the moment?"
"Grocery shopping."
"This is the worst time to grocery shop."
"Why don't you tell her that." I regretted it as soon as I said it.
"Lacey Grammer, Right?"
"Yes Sir." I answered.
"Come with us." the guy with the gun demanded. I nodded, and headed out the front door.
They lead me to this sort of vehicle that looked like it held prisoners in the back.
The man that held the gun at my face, recited something that seemed like he said it many times before.
"You are brave for fighting for our country. You are a hero. You-" He looked down at his clipboard, "Lacey Grammer, will be looked at by many as a leader of this country. I am glad to send you into camp." I felt like I wanted to throw up.
He turned to me and plastered a fake smile on his face. He then opened the back door of the vehicle and...

5 people jumped out and ran. Ran for their lives. Ran like hell. "STOP! GET THEM" The man that held the gun at my face shouted. Guards from inside the van ran after them.
I was confused, but I felt like I had to run after them as well. Whatever they were running from, I was about to get into.

I ran right behind them. They headed straight into the woods. The leafless trees always gave me the chills, but I ran straight behind them, keeping a distance so that they couldn't tell I was following them. I couldn't tell there features but they were all a lot taller than me and more fit than me. They were probably older than me as well. Although I was rather short and skinny for my age.

After about 20 minutes of straight running they all stopped, and I was just behind them. They were all catching there breath. They had weapons hanging from there backs, and they looked tough. Really tough. Like they could tear me apart. I was a little afraid of there size, but I knew that since I just ran from the forces, they will be searching for me, and I knew I would never make it on my own.
" H-hi." I spoke quietly. All at once they all pointed there weapons at me. Guns and knives all pointed at me.
"I'm sorry." I said looking at the ground. "I just didn't want to go to camp. I didn't want to kill people. I didn't want to die." They all looked at each other and started towards me.
One boy with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes asked "What's your name and age?"
"I'm Lacey Grammer, and I'm 15." I answered.
He paused for a moment, then lowered his machete, and signaled for the others to do the same.
"I'm Nathan." He stated. He stared at me. He almost looked as though he doubted if he could trust me.
"I can fight. I am good with a bow and arrow. Please let me stay with you guys. I don't want to go back and fight." I told him.
One girl who wore a leather jacket and had a black pistol pointed at me, lowered her weapon and said "You still have to fight. No matter what you do in this damn world you will have to fight."
"Like I said, I am good with bow and arrow." She threw a bow and arrow that she had around her shoulder, at the ground right in front of me.
"Show us what you got." She smirked.
I don't think she knew what I was capable of. Before my father left for the war, he taught me how to shoot arrows so I had some sort of defense while he was away. They all looked at me while I picked up the bow and arrow, and angled It towards a squirrel at the top of a leafless tree. I thought to myself, I totally got this, and I felt my lips turn up in a smirk.

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