Jetpack Joyride (Hetalia Crossover)

Jetpack Joyride © Halfbrick Studios
Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

Jack Kirkland has no idea what he signed for when approached by 2 scientists claiming to have found a way to immortality. Now stuck in a dreamland, Jack has to survive countless lasers, missiles and zappers to escape the 10 levels of the Lab.

Chapter 1

Immortality to a Degree

Jack looked over the paper, thinking over the offer the 2 scientists had just offered him: Become a science experiment or rot in jail. Quite a choice, really. He looked up at them, a cheeky-serious look on his face.

"Science experiment? What for?"
The taller of the men smiled. "We are currently testing immortality--"
"Yes~" the other man purred. "It is quite a blessing in our line of work~"

Jack looked at the paper again, before signing his life away. He had nothing to back for, no family, friends or items. This seemed reasonable for an offer of a new start. The two men grinned & stuck to needles in his arms, faster than anything. He was out like a light in an instant.


When Jack decided to wake up, the only difference from the jail was the fact the room was white and more comfortable looking. On the immediate right was a doctor clad in white lab. coat & black goggles, the same as the doctor on the immediate right. Same guys from before. Rather creepy to think they'd been there that whole time.

"Ya know, you won't get much visitors with that kinda action."
The tall doctor smiled. "We can't just let anyone walk in, you know!"
Jack huffed & sat up. "So, what's all the details? Immortality and stuff?"
The shorter man looked sheepish. "Well, it's immortality to a degree--"
"What degree?!"
"Well, it's too hard to explain, you would need to find out yourself..."

Jack bit his lip in nervousness. Great... what have I walked into now?! He looked at the taller scientist.

"You won't die for sure!" he assured, the smile un-wavered.

The two scientist stood and lead Jack out and down a long hall way to another room, bigger and much more technologically filled. It was quite a sight to someone who hardly used a phone.
Jack laid down on a table & was hooked up to a computer and some monitors. All 20, or so, scientists were very particular about what-went-where and who did what job. It was a little funny to watch them run around, but the cold metal and glass and winding wires made it more scary than comic.

"Now, don't worry at all!" the short scientist said, seriously, checking a monitor. "We've perfected the process of immortality~"
The head scientist snorted. "It vill be over in zee seconds."
"We'll see you in a little bit, Jack~"

With the flick of a switch, a spark of electricity & an agonizing moment of pain, it was all over & very, very dark. Jack's head was throbbing with a beat and his body was sore from electric shocks.
If this was immortality, it sucked!

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