The perfect Quibblo party with the perfect guests!

The perfect Quibblo party with the perfect guests!

These are the guests which I would invite to the Quibblo party and the reason why I chose them.

Chapter 1

Each guest for a reason

by: Natasitsa
For the Quibblo Party at the end of the year, I decided to invite some real guests who will be extremely helpful and will make the party the perfect experience. In order to celebrate the New Year successfully, the following guests will be essential in my opinion.

First of all, I would certainly invite David Guetta. He is one of the most successful, widely known dj. His music is played all over the world and he is very popular with teens and adults. He can compose catchy, party music which entices people to dance and brings back memories instantly. If Guetta came to the party we would have the perfect music to dance to and even people not knowing how to dance will find the right moves and have fun.

Moreover, I would undoubtedly invite Gordon Ramsay. He is a British cook but his recipes and wonderful cocktails are tasted all over the world. He is also known for his acting skills. With Gordon Ramsay in the party, we can ensure that well-made, delicious, mouth-watering food and drinks are available for everyone to sample. His famous recipes will surely attract a lot of people to the party.

In addition, for any party to be enjoyable, there should be someone who tells good jokes and makes people laugh and forget their problems. That particular person can be the famous actor Adam Sandler. He is being loved by almost everyone for his amazing sense of humor and his ability to make people laugh their heads off. Should he be invited, he could tell all his famous quotes and jokes and our other guests will have the time of their life!

What's more, I believe that a famous person in history, called Li Tian, should be a guest. He is Chinese and he is the inventor of fireworks (7th century), those colorful combinations flying in the sky, used to celebrate something. Therefore, fireworks are a necessary part for the Quibblo party and the idea to invite their originator would help a lot. He would not only make the most beautiful fireworks but also teach the guests how to light them up.

Finally, a person who would make the perfect guest is an ordinary man, disguised as Santa Claus. As it is Christmas time and everyone is getting and giving presents, Santa Claus can be invited. He would suddenly appear at the end of the party and while singing, he would offer presents to each and every guest! He would share his love and make people understand the true meaning of Christmas. Everyone will leave happy and satisfied.

All in all, I think that this combination of guests will be the perfect one for the Quibblo Party. All the people invited will certainly have fun and enjoy themselves. Everything necessary will be provided: music, food, atmosphere, show and presents... Wouldn't these five guests make the most wonderful night?


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