Time Between Us ~ An Original Group Story

They come together with a crash. Five different times, five different people. No idea who they are... or what they do. This is the time against them. They must defeat it.

By lilypotter101, Bananabananayummy, The_Kit_Kat_Artist, PhoenixSong114 and XXjojoleebrobroXX.

Chapter 41

Justin and Izzy: We weren't being cuddly!!!

Being woke up by a girl exclaiming how cute you are is one thing, but for some reason in the past couple days it has not happened once, but it was not happening twice. I opened my ice to see Savita awake standing there with a big grin on her face. "Oh look at you two! Oooh that is just so cute your being cudly!

We both looked up at her and exclaimed "We are not being cuddly!"

As it already wasn't bad enough that it happened the first time, but now we were going through it again. Why did this keep happening to us?

(Sorry it took so long for such a short chapter but I had little access to a working computer pretty much most of summer until now. So like I know it is short but I promise my next chapter will be longer so I wrote this short little cute funny chapter in hopes for a small laugh into the situation they were at hand. )

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