Time Between Us ~ An Original Group Story

They come together with a crash. Five different times, five different people. No idea who they are... or what they do. This is the time against them. They must defeat it.

By lilypotter101, Bananabananayummy, The_Kit_Kat_Artist, PhoenixSong114 and XXjojoleebrobroXX.

Chapter 3

Isabella Banks: A memory that begins the Journey

For some odd reason. I have ended up in a strange house with some strange people. And for some odd reason. I don't even so much as remember anything. All I remember is my name...and my age. My name is Isabella Corinithia Winthrow Banks and I'm 15 years old. But for some reason. That's all that I remember. My name..and age. And yet I'm here with four other people who also don't remember anything except for their name and age. I find this quite strange. We end up telling each other who each other's names are and we all have seemed to figure out that we have no idea why we are here. What sort of Voo-Doo Magic is this? I thought. I heard of strange things happening like this in New'Orleans. But...why? ....am I from there? I don't know...

Savita: "So like..no one here knows anything at all about their past?"

We all shake our heads no

"yeah...it's very strange if you tell me....I personally think that it might be some umm..voo-doo magic or something like that...maybe like them kind they have in New Orleans you know?"

Benjamin: "Maybe, Hey..are you from the South? you tend to speak with a Southern Accent!"

"Uh...maybe?" I think it over..."Probably. I said. Well..at least that's something. I think...at least I know I'm from somewhere in the Southern United States" Do any of you guys know where your from?" I ask.

Justin: "I don't think any of us really do. Though..uh..I think Savita might be from England. She speaks with a British accents"

Allie: "So basically your saying that only two of us know where we live and that's based only cause of their accents?"

We all nod our head in respose

"This sucks. I said. "So..like..how do we find out who we are and why we are all missing our memory?"

Savita: "I have no clue. No clue at all."

My head starts to suddenly hurt and all of as sudden something flashed through my mind. Like it's a memory or something like that. I think. Is it even mines? I think it is. I double over in pain as the flashback rushes through my head.


"I don't care if your father's dead cause of that stupid flu Isabella! Your a proper lady now! Almost 16 years of age! Your going to get married soon! You'll make a beautiful bride for Edgar! Just because your father is dead doesn't mean that you can do anything that you want to do! I'm your mother and you still have to listen to me!" she scolded at me.

"But Mother!" I shouted at her. "I don't love Edgar! I don't want to get married! I don't even turn sixteen until a couple more days and dad has been dead for less than a month! And already you are trying to arrange for me to be married to a another boy who is older than me and six years my elder!!"

"I don't care! Now get out of those ridiculous pants of yours! No daughter of mines is wearing pants! Your going to wear dresses and skirts and be a proper lady!" She retorted at me as she pulled out a dress from my closet.

"Well maybe I don't want to be a proper lady!" I shouted at her."

"And what? Be some Flapper girl like Charlotte. Not my daughter! You are not going to that God Awful Speakeasy Club tonight! Your not going there! She yelled at me. "Your marrying Edgar Calloway and that's final! Now get dressed we are having dinner with him and his parents tonight!"

"Your not the boss of me! I can do whatever I want! I don't want to go! I HATE YOU!" I screamed at her and stomped out of the house.

Flashback ends

Allie: runs over to me and looks at me with concern Isabella? Are you alright? You look like your in pain?

"I don't know" I replied..."I think...I think..I just remembered something. Something that happened recently..cause my clothes in the flashback..they..they are the same ones that I'm wearing now..."

Justin: "What's the flashback?"

I proceed to them them about the flashback and how I was arguing with some woman that I assume was my mother. Was trying to marry me off to some older man named Edgar Calloway. And that apparently my father was dead cause of some sort of flu and all.

Savita: "Weird. I wish I could remember something at least."

Allie: "I'm so sorry about your father!"

"It's ok...I don't remember him anyways......" I sigh. So..what now?

Benjamin: "Isn't it obvious? We find this Edgar Calloway guy that you were supposed to be married to! If we find him then maybe he could have some insight as into the rest of us! Maybe we all know each other or something like that!"

Savita: "He's right. We find Edgar Calloway and we can find out more about maybe what's going on here."

"Well then" I said. "Looks like we got ourselves a little plan."

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