Time Between Us ~ An Original Group Story

They come together with a crash. Five different times, five different people. No idea who they are... or what they do. This is the time against them. They must defeat it.

By lilypotter101, Bananabananayummy, The_Kit_Kat_Artist, PhoenixSong114 and XXjojoleebrobroXX.

Chapter 2

Justin Lakewood~ Lost in a world

by: _Bored_
I pull Savita away from the other three.

'Savita, do we trust them?' Savita stared at me.

'I don't know.' She answered finally.

I sighed.

I'm lost.

I have no idea about who I am, where I'm from, only my name and age. Dude, what the hell happened?

I looked at them. What if they're dangerous. What if they attack me? What if they attack Savita??

I shake my head.

'What are your names?' I call out.

'I'm Benjamin Lewis.' Calls out the boy.

I turn to the girls. 'Allie Silvito.' The girl with the long black hair and bright blue eyes replies.

The last girl looks at me wearily, then speaks. 'I'm Isabella Banks.' I nodded in acknowledgement.

'So, can anyone tell me what we're doing here?' I ask. Everyone shakes their head. I groan.

This is going to be one hell of an adventure.

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